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‘Gabriela is an engaging communicator, with an insider’s knowledge of the challenges and obstacles that can prevent writers from producing work.’
Chris, Short Story Writer and Journalist  

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‘Gabriela’s events are unique. She’s a brilliant, ‘earthy’ writing coach and what’s more her events are free. If you want to take your writing to another level in sync with your natural flair, she’s a good place to start.’

Leslene, writer


#writenomatterwhat comes to Nottingham in March! We will be looking at LOVE! Are you ready to fall in love with your writing? Make 2019 a year to build a meaningful connection with your writing practice. Come to your WIP with all the enthusiasm that you would come to...

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Confidence is a key that lies within

How about taking this phrase, ‘you’re going to need a lot of confidence,’ and imagining you’ve been given a key to a door that leads to the life you want? You hold it in your hand – this one thing you need in order to achieve the happiness, or success, as a writer that you’ve always wanted.

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Gabriela is an award winning writer and qualified Life Coach….

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‘Through Gabriela’s sessions, I am becoming more and more able to articulate what my desires are.I feel more confident in saying: I am a writer.’

Selene, Writer and Photographer

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