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‘Gabriela’s events are unique. She’s a brilliant, ‘earthy’ writing coach and what’s more her events are free. If you want to take your writing to another level in sync with your natural flair, she’s a good place to start.’

Leslene, writer

Free Life Coaching in London: 15th November

My next free, Life Coaching event for Writers and Creatives will be on November 15th at 6.30pm until 8.15pm.
We will be looking at envy, and how this state is a denial of all that we are truly capable of. I will be joined by writer and artist Claire Fuller.

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What do you want and where are you going?

I learnt, over a period of time, the profound difference that knowing what I want and where I’m going make to my life. This means I’ve absolute certainty that if I’m feeling uncomfortable, this isn’t proof my principles don’t work, but that I’ve slipped and lost sight of them.

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‘Through Gabriela’s sessions, I am becoming more and more able to articulate what my desires are.
I feel more confident in saying: I am a writer.’

Selene, Writer and Photographer

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