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I give writers a short cut to their literary genius as well as a jump start for when they stall after 17,000 words because suddenly they don’t know what the scenery looks like…or where the plot vanished to…

I’ve even got you covered for those days when you’re ‘kind of glad’ you’re not writing, because maybe you can finally just give up on this damned thing…

(But you KNOW you’re NOT EVER going to be able to give up, right?)

That’s where #WritenoMatterWhat comes in!

#WritenoMatterWhat means no more overdosing on caffeine because your mood to write didn’t get the memo. It’s time to sync your good ideas with your google calendar! 

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Self doubt can really mess with your writing, slowing progress and leaving you with a feeling that you’ll never actually finish. My Mindset Evenings for Writers offer support and techniques for you to overcome obstacles in your writing and achieve your the life and career you deserve.

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