It might be that you write to stay sane, or you hope to transform those stories in your head into physical books. Perhaps you fantasize about winning an award, or you’d like to write at your own pace without worrying about money. Whatever your writing dreams, I’m here to help you achieve them!


‘Gabriela is an engaging communicator, with an insider’s knowledge of the challenges and obstacles that can prevent writers from producing work.’

Chris, Short Story Writer and Journalist

“Gabriela’s events are unique. She’s a brilliant, ‘earthy’ writing coach. If you want to take your writing to another level in sync with your natural flair, she’s a good place to start.”

Leslene, Writer



“Mindset Coaching has really helped me work out what sort of person I want to be, where I want to get to in life and how I can change my habits to achieve those goals. I feel like it is something I have massively benefitted from. You have been a fantastically positive influence on me!”

Tom, Entrepreneur

FREE audio: How to Stay on Track with your Writing!

Imagine seeing your work in a bookshop so that you can point and say, ‘I wrote that and it’s for real published!’ 
What if your writing could pay off the mortgage, or become that perfect retirement plan?
Maybe you’re in it to tell a story and hope readers out there will laugh and enjoy it.
Whatever your writing dream, you’ll only get there by staying on track!
Funnily enough, I can help you with that! 

“Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I know it’s your job, but your non judgement really helps to facilitate truth and personal understanding. I’m sitting here feeling very grateful that you are my coach.” 

Virginia, Shamanic Practitioner

In the FREE AUDIO BELOW, you’ll learn the importance of believing in yourself. This means that the way you think will support your writing dreams.


I’ll also introduce you to the power of IDENTITY WORK!
If you’re saying that you’re not really a writer, and yet writing plays a key role in achieving your dreams, you will fall short.

Learn how to SEE yourself in a way that matches your potential and stay on track!

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s session. Mindfulness is not something I would have considered.  Your questions provoked answers that surprised me. I have been thinking about those answers quite a lot today, a very stimulating exercise...”  

Penny, Writer 

Free Mindset Coaching for Writers in London: 18th April

We rely on our minds to bring us visions of possibility. By dismissing those visions, we’re writing off an enriched future, choosing to remain in the same narrow loop of existence. My Mindset techniques will help you understand that your thoughts can generate the reality you actually want, rather than simply providing a noisy backdrop to your day!

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“Through Gabriela’s sessions, I am becoming more and more able to articulate what my desires are.I feel more confident in saying: I am a writer.”

Selene, Writer and Photographer