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If you’re ready to grow an audience around your work, then it sounds like you’re ready to become a Progressive Creative.

The Creative Unleashed ‘Foundational 3 Ps’ will provide you with EVERY step you need to take in order to build a tribe of people around what you do. Whether you’re looking to get your blog under the right noses, or want to find readers for your writing, once you establish your PURPOSE, YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR PLATFORM, you’ll know exactly how to find and grow an audience. 


During this 3 Month package, you will learn the ‘Foundational 3 Ps’ to growing an audience, and enjoy membership to the Creative Unleashed Private Facebook Group.

Discover how to find readers, promote without being salesy and find your voice online with:





Tune into to two, live meditation and writing sessions in the Private Creative Unleashed Community. 

Learn the 3 essential Ps or pillars to finding and growing an audience with a series of transformative videos and simple worksheets. 

Gabriela’s teachings get right to the root…she gives you practical tools…the classes are super helpful and motivating.

Kerrin, Writer and Small Business Owener, California


Tune into two, live meditation and writing sessions in the Private Creative Unleashed Community. 

Learn the art of creating productive and enjoyable habits with our curated ‘Mindset Masterclasses’, designed to help you develop consistency and confidence. 


Discover how to be online in a way that will create the results you desire, and learn the art of ‘Joyful Branding’ with our ‘Curated Learning’ Worksheets.  

“There’s always something I’m interested in. The group is lovely and very supportive and the guidance by Gabriela is fantastic! She has a great answer for everything!”

Faith, Writer and Creator, Finland


Tune into two, live meditation and writing sessions in the Private Creative Unleashed Community.

Learn how to find your audience of 1 and turn that into an audience of 1000 with our carefully curated videos and worksheets. 


Make a living from your writing course

Master the art of creating your reality from the power of your imagination with our ‘Future Vision Masterclasses’.


“I’m really starting to see how close I am already to my creative dream, what small things I can do or small changes I can make in my life to inch towards it.”

Janine, Graphic Designer and Romance Writer, London


3 month membership to the Creative Unleashed Private Community. 

Learn the foundation to growing an audience with our videos and worksheets. 

Discover how to train your imagination to create your reality.

Tune into two LIVE writing sessions, each month, or watch the video replays.

Receive lessons to help you build habits and show up online consistently. 

Hone your networking skills to make meaningful connections online. 


Working with Gabriela has made me realise that there are many opportunities out there and with the right mindset, you are more likely to succeed.

Rick, Scriptwriter and Entrepreneur, Newcastle upon Tyne

Ready to grow an audience of people who love what you do?  

Make three monthly payments of £395

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Once you sign up for your Creative Unleashed package you will receive a welcome email, as well as your first videos for Month 1.

You will also be given access to our private Facebook Group where you will be able to access the live meditation and writing sessions each month, or watch the recording in your own time. 

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