The #WriteNoMatterWhat Community came from my desire to remind people of how fun it is to be creative.

Live on Thursday 9th April

12 – 1pm

Come Create! And DO please bring your kids! 

More than ever, we need that time and space for silence and self reflection. It might be that you’re frazzled by the noise and the news. Perhaps, with the kids at home, you haven’t had a minute to yourself. Maybe, you’re just struggling to connect to your creativity, right now. 

#WriteNoMatterWhat has always been about the gentle teaching of a reliable way into peace and creativity. These sessions invite those in the Community to tune in and Create together. You can tune in at any time, follow the chat and exercises, AND bring the little ones too!

“Thank you. My inner critic is so strong when I write. Doing this as a team and with you has unlocked so much!”

Jenetta Barry, Counsellor, Speaker, Author, Mentor

The sessions are run by Gabriela Blandy and are a blend of her experiences as an award winning writer, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Teen Yoga Teacher.

But, wait, can I really tune in with my kids?

Why not? The sessions are aimed at stimulating and growing the creative mind in a fun and gentle way. The only danger is getting bored (and you can be any age for that to happen!) 

What to expect

The sessions will involve breathing, gentle movement, visualisation, writing and discussion.

You will be guided through processes aimed at relaxing and stimulating the creative mind.

The exercises will be perfect for both kids and adults. (Younger, less-stressed, minds can even find it easier to adopt these creative Processes!!)

During the session, you will be invited to share insights and ask questions.

Bring paper, notebooks, pens and colouring pencils. Wear loose clothing. You will be able to choose whether to have your video on or off.

We look forward to creating with you!  

“This was the equivalent for me of walking on a beautiful beach — where you breathe and remember who you are and your dreams. Since none of us can do that now, this was perfect!”

Elizabeth Elford, Freelance Writer

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“Excellent, excellent, excellent!”
Kay Mcbride, Writer

“Thank you for this light in the dark!”
Meira Malka, Personal Development Mentor

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