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Creative Unleashed: Creativity and Genius unlocked

The Creative explorer Membership enables you to have the support you need for your creative project, over the course of ten months.

Whether you’re aiming to finish a book, increase sales, start a new creative online business, you’re going to want someone by your side. (Someone who knows what they’re doing!)

Choose from a selection of Masterclasses, Group Coaching and Industry Professional Interviews. Curate your learning experience over the next ten months as you take steps towards your dreams!

The Creative Explorer

“Writing as a business”

Choose from a selecion of group coaching, industry professional interviews, writing sessions and masterclasses.

The Creative Explorer Membership also gives you access to book additional One-To-One sessions, if you need to increase your level of support on an ad hoc basis.

With this package, you’re never more than a week away from the help you need. Once you master the “Creative Unleashed Blueprint” you’ll know exactly how to get paid to write about anything!

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Jo, Writer & Storyteller

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Enjoy ‘guest’ Masterclasses, giving you access to all the insider Know-How that you need to write an award-winning novel, build a production company from just the t-shirt on your back, write a play, sell art, grow a creative business, feel inspired, or change a worldview.

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Eva, Empowering Coach and Emotions Healer

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