You’d love this to be the year something happens with your writing…BUT

The novel has stalled at 17,000 words. Maybe less

It started off well, but then it was your brother’s birthday, the kids’ school holidays……you got a touch of the flu……somebody fell out with somebody……       

Now you’re wondering if you should switch to a new project because you keep editing the same first five chapters, bored of the voice in your head, saying: weren’t you meant to be done by now?

Strategies like leaving post-it notes to yourself saying, ‘JUST DUMP THE CRAP ON THE PAGE AND MAKE IT PRETTY LATER’ are beginning to appeal to you – even though you’ve never been into motivational ju-ju. 

And nobody understands

Raise your hand if you’ve ever come up with a whole conversation’s worth of amazing dialogue and then forgotten every word of it in the 1 minute it took for you to find paper and a pen to get it all down.

How many times have you questioned your ability to write?

Then, there’s the getting lost in the research and having to force yourself to climb out of the deepest corners of your mind to try and do things like laundry. LAUNDRY? 

What about feeling like a failure, but not knowing why…?  

NO MORE dead ends, false starts and block.

#WriteNoMatterWhat helps you see where you’ve been going wrong, so you can start GOING RIGHT!

In order for us to create something new in our lives, we have to leave behind a portion of the known and familiar. This includes familiar thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and sometimes even relationships. For most people, leaving behind the illusory security of the known and stepping into the unknown can be a terrifying place. This is why change is so hard.”

Dr Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist and author ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ 

#WritenoMatterWhat makes change easier. If you aren’t writing in the way you want, this means your current thoughts and habits are not set to serve your writing dreams. Learn how to elevate those thoughts and habits in order to create that amazing future you deserve. 

You’ll know EXACTLY what project you want to be working on so, which means you’ll no longer lose weeks to the distraction of a shiny new idea that doesn’t lead any further than any of the other previous ones did, and yet will you ever learn?

When your friends ask, ‘How’s the Book?’ (and you know they won’t understand the answer,) it won’t matter, because…

Guess what?

By the time you’re halfway through the program, things like FRIENDS NOT GETTING YOU will be kind of, ‘meh’.

Are you ready to #WriteNoMatterWhat?

Say “yes” to that moment when you arrive at your BOOK LAUNCH and hold your published novel in your hands with a deep feeling of pure joy because it was all worth it!

Here’s what you’ll get out of the 12 MONTH program:

1. Start every month writing, with a Monday Group Writing and Goal-Setting session that will blast away those start of the week blues, and weekend dramas, and leave you clear about where your work needs to go next.

2. Tune in to two additional, themed online Write, no Matter What webinars, each month for regular writing practice and accountability.

2. Recordings of these hour-long, creative Webinars will be made available for those unable to attend live. 

3. Improve your writing, make clear creative decisions about where you life and career are heading, set appealing targets and experience regular progress.

4. You’re going to learn how to power through self-doubt, and up your daily wordcount. The hour-long, curated #WritenoMatterWhat sessions will get you out of those blocks and back into your flow.

5. Finish each month with a 4th online session inviting you to GET CREATIVE, create content and new material and hone your writing practice. 

6. On joining up, you will be invited into a Private Facebook Group.

7. The Facebook Group is active Monday to Friday.

8. You will be invited to write a weekly post, of up to 250 words, for feedback on your current insights and writing progress.

9. You can ask questions like, how can I land my dream agent? and Why has my work-in-progress stalled? Learn exactly what you need to do to make MAKE IT AS A WRITER! 

10. You are able to comment on posts as much as you enjoy.

11. The Private Group also enables you to connect with the other writers, find your accountability buddy for the week and stay in close contact with the program experts.

12. LIFE-TIME ACCESS means that even after your initial 12 months, you can KEEP TUNING IN, learning and creating for as long as the program is alive because we understand that sometimes it takes more than a year, (or two!) to achieve those writing dreams

How much time is this going to take?

Will it really work?

And, is it affordable?

The program asks for a maximum of four hours each month to engage in all the available webinars, and teaches a practice of writing for AT LEAST fifteen minutes a day to achieve your writing dreams. After that, it’s up to you!

The principles I teach have enabled me to write two books, meet with agents and publishers and make important decisions about where my writing is going and what I want to be earning. 

In order to MAKE MONEY from our writing, we have to INVEST IN OUR WRITING.  I find this equation helps me find courage, whenever I’m feelings nervous about investing in my potential!

ROI = an additional one (or two) zeros on original investment. 

Stop paying the price for PAST habits and experiences that will only ever lead to the same boring ending.

Buy the tools to create an amazing writing practice strong enough to build a LUCRATIVE FUTURE on! 

I have spoken alongside Booker Nominated, Sophie Mackinstosh.

She is kind enough to say this about my work.    

Some messages from current and past students and clients.

And just in case you’re worried about changing your mind or making the wrong decision…

If, after a month of the program, you have attended the FOUR live webinars, joined the Facebook Group, submitted your weekly INSIGHTS for feedback, and you are not completely satisfied, we guarantee a full refund.

This is because we believe that if you do engage in the content of this course, you will see results.

Remember that feeling, of not touching your work-in-progress for a month? Are you telling me that you want to KEEP HAVING THAT FEELING?

Phew, I didn’t think so!

#WritenoMatterWhat is an end to the debate of, ‘I have the day off tomorrow. Do I write all night?? Or all day tomorrow??’ because you’ll no longer be panicking about the fact that YOU MIGHT NOT WRITE, AT ALL.

Invest in your ideas, and claim your writing future!

Here's how long you have to claim my 40% off offer!








It’s definitely time to Write, no Matter What! 

We’re so glad you’re coming to Write, no Matter What!

(And you will be too!)