Write no matter what – or #writenomatterwhat – is a writing campaign launched by Mindset Coach Gabriela Blandy in order to help writers overcome fear and procrastination and develop a regular writing practice that works for them. It involves free, monthly Mindset events in London as well as private and group packages, as well as a self study program.

There are also weekly videos on Gabriela’s YouTube channel. These short videos are aimed at inspiring writers as they follow Gabriela on her journey: one typewriter, one word prompt and ten minutes of writing, which will then be read live. These writing videos are designed to tackle the three most common areas that Gabriela comes across in her work with writers.

1. I’m not writing

2. I’m anxious about what people will think

3. I’m scared of rejection

Write no matter what – or #writenomatterwhat – aims to inspire writers to break through the obstacles of the mind to unleash their true creative potential. Join Gabriela in her writing revolution! You can watch weekly videos here

The free write, no matter what events take place in London on the third Thursday of every month, and in Nottingham on the second Thursday of every month.

At these events, you will learn how to build a life that inspires you. This means you’ll be able to write and create in a way that fulfils your potential. Be the artist you know you can be and write, no matter what!

As creatives, we feel the draw to express ourselves. Our experiences in life may have left remnants in our minds, which are currently holding us back. Through these Mindset Coaching events, you will learn how to process these remnants to clear the way for your creative practice to flourish.


Since graduating with an MA in Creative Writing with Distinction and going on to manage a retreat for writers, I’ve worked with over a thousand creatives in areas such as confidence, fear, self-sabotage, procrastination, anxiety. Over the years, I’ve helped many writers find their voice and develop a creative process that works for them. We each approach the craft individually, and these evenings reflect that. I do not offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, but rather I enable you to see your own way through.

The evenings combine a gently facilitated, Mindset Coaching workshop. Here I will use my own experiences of writing and personal development work to guide you through powerful themes such as ‘How to reconnect to Inspiration’, ‘What to do when you feel Resistance’ or, ‘Befriending the Inner Critic’.

Throughout this part of the evening I will be asking you key questions to unlock your mind and bring insight. Do please bring a notebook in order to work your thoughts on the page. You will not be expected to share anything that you’ve written!

For the second half of the evening, I always have a guest speaker. These are men and women at the top of the creative game: Writers, Agents, Publishers.

An important part of Mindste Coaching is finding someone to model. I aim for my guests to inspire you, to help you learn from the methods they’ve used to achieve success. There will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the night.

I founded #writenomatterwhat because I wanted to inspire writers to commit to finding a joyful writing practice that they could rely on, no matter what their mood. In my own journey, I recognised it wasn’t enough to understand my craft, I had to understand my mind too, and overcome the ways it was keeping me stuck. When harnessed, the mind can propel us. Let me help you discover how to harness yours!