Your Imagination is your greatest asset

For much of my life, I felt misunderstood

I knew there was something creative and unique within me, but somehow it wasn't appreciated.

I wanted to pursue a career as an actress, public speaker and writer, and even though I had some paid work, there was clearly a blockage between me and true success. I felt insecure financially, which made it hard to be creative and left me despondant.

Things shifted when I went to a weekend course on goal setting. I left with a deep curiosity about the mind and how we might be able to learn to influence the results we can create in our life.

Years later, I have my own thriving business that was purely my creation! I have discovered how to live off my creative gifts and feel financially safe. 

I truly believe that when we’re able to understand the creative or spiritual urges within us, we can live by a compass that is aligned to our true destiny.

Some people might call this happiness! 

“She’s kinda like a friendly writer’s therapist,
problem solver and mirror on yourself and
I highly recommend her.”

Dan Smith, Writer/TV Director

Do you have a creative calling?

Have you always had a desire to lead others?

Are you curious about the impact you could have on the world?

It might be you’ve always felt a creative tug, and now feels like the right time to explore that.

Or you’re interested in writing a book that could impact people.

Perhaps, you’re looking to reach a place of inner fulfilment, or to step free from the limitations of the mind and do work that matters.

Whatever calling you’re feeling, I want to help you act on it and allow your unique gifts to set the tone of your life and career.  

Who I am

I’ve had a spiritual practice for fifteen years and am trained in the Shamanic Medicine Wheel with The Spirit of the Inca. I’m also a fully qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. 

I have been awarded the Royal Society of Literature V S Pritchett Prize and have an Masters in Creative Writing, with Distinction. My writing has been published in various books and journals. I am published by Virago alongside Daphne du Maurier and Sarah Waters.

I’ve hosted hundreds of literary events, both in London at City University and the bar at RADA, and at The John Osbourne Arvon Centre. I have spoken on the Creative Writing Masters Programs at Oxford, UEA, Warwick, Birkbeck and Guildford.

If you’re curious as to how I can help you, then why not schedule in for an informal chat?

“Gabriela’s a great listener as well as empathetic, and compassionate. I appreciated her directness and that she has very clearly done a huge amount of work on herself so she is able to hold the space and keep the focus on the client, a rare gift.”


Penny, London, Film Maker and Writer