The Write, no Matter What Community Membership

It’s like a Gym subscription,
for your imagination!

Here’s what your membership will include:

Access to our private, online platform, available on web, iOS and Android apps.

This platform’s structure is similar to Facebook in that you can post, chat, comment, interact, and receive notifications, WITHOUT ADS, OR ALGORITHMS GETTING IN THE WAY!

Every month, tune into our live, 90 minute ‘Writing as Self Care’ sessions. Take part in journaling exercises, guided meditations and have your questions answered.

Write, no matter what
We will also invite you to share your weekly goals to keep you accountable.
Provide space for you to share your blogs and articles so we can all support what everyone is creating.
Write, no matter what

I feel connected to everyone here. I love the weekly focus and how it works, it inspires me to do the same in my own creative practice and life, and it’s so aesthetically pretty, it’s a high ten for me!!! 

Karlina, Writer and YouTuber, London

Enjoy regular guidance on creativity, the business of writing and entrepreneurship, as well as spiritual and personal development.

Be inspired with thought-provoking questions. Share your truths, be seen, and have your vulnerability celebrated.

We also offer PRIZES!

Every month, we reward loving and contributing members with free one-to-one coaching sessions, and feedback on their social media presence and content.

The most loving, supportive, badass community of writers and entrepreneurs, among whom I have made lasting friendships and unbreakable bonds.

Kerrin, Writer, California

We believe that everyone deserves the space to truly express their creative journey – the highs, the lows and the lessons – with those who are walking the same path.

An inspiring place to hang out, as there is no judgment, no egos, and no other agendas in play. Just support, constructive feedback, and the opportunity to interact as much or as little as you want.

Nick, Transformational Business Coach, Somerset

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