NLP will teach you how to use your MIND to TRANSFORM your life and career. 

You have potential.

In order to reach that potential and achieve creative success, you’ll find it useful to have EVER GROWING belief in yourself.

Often, we don’t invest in cultivating our ‘BELIEFS MUSCLES’. We simply ‘try to get by’.  

In the #WriteNoMatterWhat Typing Pool you learn the Mental Building Blocks to cultivate and grow your ‘BELIEFS MUSCLES’  and Navigate your Imagination in a way that is ideal for creative fulfillment.  

What is the #WriteNomatterwhat Typing Pool?

Every FIRST MONDAY of the month:

I host an online workshop with a group of committed Creatives, guiding them through their psyche! 

1. Discover the Mental Building Blocks that will reveal how you can achieve profound success

2. Learn how to tap into your Imaginative Mindset

3. Discover your own Unique Signature of Creativity. 

Gabriela is an angel with an impressive set of skills. She read my mind, appeared out of thin air, and when we chatted I felt she really understood where I was in my journey as a writer, without judging.

David, Freelance Creative Director Level Writer

These Monthly sessions are an opportunity for Writers and Creatives to go deep into their mind and work those imaginative muscles. 

What to expect at The Typing Pool

1. The online sessions are run in groups of three to five participants. They are fun, intimate and informal.

2. The #WriteNoMatterWhat Typing Pool takes place on the First Monday of the Month from 7pm until 8.30pm

3. The start of each session introduces and discusses Neuro Linguistic Programming, and how NLP techniques can offer practical solutions to areas such as procrastination, doubt, ‘Decision-Making’ fatigue, stress and creative boredom or blocks. 

4. Part of the evening involves journaling. (You don’t need a typewriter!!) The specifically designed writing prompts ease the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind, allowing a state of flow and awareness. 

5. Learn how to tap into your Imaginative Mindset and create solutions.

6. Discover your own Unique Signature of Creativity. 

7. Have your questions answered.



Tickets from £45

Tickets from £45

Gabriela Blandy is one of the most professional mentors I know. Always engaging, always confidence-inspiring and excellent at her craft. The benefits of working with her are undeniable.

Jacob Ross, Author of ‘The Bone Readers’, Editor and Creative Writing tutor




“I attended one of Gabriela’s seminars at City University to help writers unlock their potential. Gabriela’s well-structured guided session was highly beneficial to me personally to increase my motivation in completing my unfinished books. Gabriela was very warm and truly passionate about approaching each participant and guiding them with specific tips. I will definitely attend more workshops and retreats in the future.”

Monica, Writer and Editor at the London Mums Magazine