Every Masterclass offers a safe, online space where Writers and Creative Professionals can learn new skills, develop their mindset and get clear on how to take effective action in their lives and careers.

Create a Fail Proof Goal and Design a strategy to Achieve it.

Wednesday 3rd June @5.30pm bst

A Masterclass on Goals

What to expect on The MAsterclasses

1. The online sessions are delivered in video format via Zoom. You will be invited to enable your camera in order for all participants to meet.

2. They run from 5.30pm until 7pm BST. (The ‘Zoom Room’ will open five minutes early to allow people to enter and settle and introduce themselves.)

3. The start of each session introduces how Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) enables us to transform out MINDSET and thus LEARN, THINK and FEEL differently. 

4. Participants are guided through a series of writing prompts, based on NLP principles aimed at overcoming blocks and refreshing the mind.

5. This state of increased flow and awareness will bring clarity. 

6. You will be able to tap into your Imaginative Mindset and design a way forward to achieve your true potential.

7. Each session ends with participants invited to share insights and ask questions.   

“I feel really grateful for being part of the group, and having all the support you give. I am experiencing my thought patterns and my life really transforming 🙂
Love esther x”

Look out for my SPRING/SUMMER Sessions

1. ‘The Governing Idea’ – Join me and Writer Ishy Din for a Masterclass that will transform your confidence and your WIP! 

2. Fail Proof: Create a Fail Proof Identity

3. ‘Be You’ – Join me and Freelance Editor and Yoga Teacher Anna Hogarty and start being you!

Gabriela Blandy is one of the most professional mentors I know. Always engaging, always confidence-inspiring and excellent at her craft. The benefits of working with her are undeniable.

Jacob Ross, Author of ‘The Bone Readers’, Editor and Creative Writing tutor


If you’d rather just chat, that’s great by me.