My next free, Life Coaching event for Writers and Creatives will be on November 15th at 6.30pm until 8.15pm at City University in building A on the ground floor in room 21.

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On November 15th, we will be looking at envy, and how this state is a denial of all that we are truly capable of. Learn how to let your envy of others’ success go by building a stronger connection to your own amazing potential as a writer and artist. envy isn’t simple an uncomfortable state to be in. By exercising envy we are telling ourselves that we are not as good, which is a denial of our unique capability. It’s time to shine as much as those around you!

My special guest for the night will be the brilliant Claire Fuller. Claire is a writer and artist. For her first degree she studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art. She began writing fiction at the age of 40, after many years working as a co-director of a marketing agency. Her first novel, ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’ won the 2015 Desmond Elliott Prize. Her second novel, ‘Swimming Lessons’ was shortlisted for the Encore Prize for Second Novels, and Claire’s third, Bitter Orange was published earlier this year.


More about The Thursday Coach

Ideas, inspiration and solutions all lie within us. Believing there is a moment of powerlessness along the trail to find them is the equivalent of taking a map of a clear, straight road and drawing a ditch halfway along.

The Thursday Coach London is a free event, running every third Thursday of the month, enabling Life Coaching for Writers and Creatives to be available to all. The evenings will help participants develop a creative practice that works for them. Here, you will discover how to bring your dreams into the world around you. You will build skills of self-awareness to see beyond any limitations you might have come to accept about your daily routine. Explore the unknown without a fear of failing. See those perfect ideas that have crept unnoticed in a room of other, louder thoughts. Find where your confidence has been hiding.

Join writer and qualified Life Coach Gabriela Blandy for sessions that will enable you to be the writer and creative you want.

The evening will consist of coaching and beliefs work set around a theme. Bring your notepads and be ready to participate. You will not be asked to share anything you have written.


Can’t make November’s event?

Not to worry! You can book in to my free, online Coaching Webinar ‘Unleash Your Creativity’ on December 13th at 6.30pm and join me for an hour of writing motivation.

This could be the year you finally write just the way you want