Are you struggling to build a following?

Or, perhaps you have an audience who won’t listen –

even though you’ve got something important to say!

There’s something creative and unique within you that seeks appreciation. Whether you have a book you want to market, services you’re trying to sell, or a community you want to build, if you’re struggling to find readers, clients or followers, and it feels impossible to get your audience to engage, then it’s time to book into the Sanctuary!


The social sanctuary:

The Foundation to Building an Audience Online

MOnday 11th April

5pm – 7pm uk time


I truly believe that when we’re able to understand the creative or spiritual urges within us, we can live by a compass that is aligned to our true destiny.

The Social Sanctuary is here to help you apply that wisdom to your content!

Join us for a free Masterclass on Monday 11th April and learn the power of MINDSET when it comes to being consistent with your social media, as well as the 3 essential components to building an audience online.

“I am so ready for this session that I have two backup pens.”


Don Akchin, @AkchinDon

Do you long to connect with people through words and stories, but feel awkward about promoting yourself?

Are you curious about exploring vulnerability and authenticity in order to show people the real you?

Do you feel that you Could be more organised when it comes to posting content and networking?

Are you ready to walk the talk and lead others?

The SOcial Sanctuary 

The social sanctuary

Perhaps you’re struggling to inspire your audience to stay interested. You’ve got followers, but it seems really hard to get engagement.

It might be that you’re curious about how you can trust the universe to deliver when you’re so uncertain!

Imagine having the freedom to focus on what you can provide for others, rather than feeling like you’re endlessly scrolling.

At the Sanctuary, we believe in the massage oil that says, ‘Less stress and more joy.’

Discover a simple strategy that will help you build an audience that cares about what you do.  

Join us for a live Zoom Masterclass

The SOcial Sanctuary: The Foundation to building an audience online 

Monday 11th April

5pm – 7pm BST

“It’s awesome that you’ve done this for free! It’s so helpful. Thank you!”

Levi Winters, @LeviLWinters1