The Social Sanctuary


Find your audience, Create Content Consistently, Broaden your Impact, Build Lasting Connections, Monetise your Skills, Grow your Business, and Clarify your message. 

We want you to get your ideas and ideology
in front of

Are you ready to: Connect with the right readers|Start conversations with potential clients|Receive feedback from your followers|Use social media effectively|stand proud

If you don’t know how to reach your niche audience and want to learn,

you’re a perfect fit!

During The Social Sanctuary Online Course, you’ll learn how to use social media to find your people and network. We’ll help you get clear about who to talk to, and how to call them to action.

Whether you have a writing project you want to get into the right hands, or services you hope to sell, we’ll help you gain traction using simple online practices that you can fit into your day.

Get clear about how to make money from your work,
and build relationships online.

Ready to learn and grow?

At the Sanctuary, we believe everyone gets to connect to their divine PURPOSE and broadcast their message!

“I am so ready for this session that I have two
backup pens.”
Don Akchin@AkchinDon, dedicated to positive
aging and Host of The Endgame podcast.

Let me break the full course down for you:

The social sanctuary
online course

Over the course of the next five months
you could have access to:

Live classes

Two, online Zoom sessions each month

Participants start with a guided visualisation to develop mental focus and energy.

Next, we work through a handful of self-reflection writing prompts to build motivation and encourage insight.

Afterwards, we enjoy questions, group masterminding and coaching.

These two hour sessions are designed to keep you accountable and help you troubleshoot any challenges you might be having. They’re held on the first and second Wednesday of the month from 2pm – 4pm UK time. You will also have access to the recorded sessions to watch in your own time. 


Self study component

New worksheets each week to guide you with your social media growth and strategy.

Our creative exercises will take you through the step-by-step of researching your ideal audience, meeting and connecting with them, building your audience, and gradually selling. You will explore the use of emails, direct messages, blogs and more, and choose how best to broadcast yourself to your followers.

Over five months, you’ll get clear and consistent with your content and your purpose. You’ll learn how to create a community, publicise a movement, connect with potential clients, or engage with readers and fans..

Discover how to continue to build your audience through acts of ‘citizenship’, and how collaboration is the key to happy growth.

Our worksheets will also guide you to create an online profile that fits with your message, and we’ll teach you how to sell without feeling sleezy.

Mindset component

Access 12 powerful Masterclasses designed to help you gain new levels of self awareness, enabling you to re-wire your brain to achieve your creative goals.

If you’re ready to put your ideas in front of as many people as possible, you’re going to want to build your mental muscles to hold this new level of success. You’ll also need to learn how to find patience when growth is slow!

And, for those days fear or lethargy creeps in, there are sessions to help shift your energy and perspective so you can find motivation, once more.

Discover how to move through resistance and allow the flow of inspiration.

Each hourlong video masterclass will help you build the mental strength to support the career you desire. 

Gabriela is an amazingly intuitive coach, who is able to demonstrate care and compassion whilst simultaneously challenging you to be a better version of your current self. She inspires and supports in equal measures, and has created a community that offers the same combination to its members.

Nick Cramp, Transformation Coach and Author

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