This Thursday, March 26th @ 6.30pm

“The Lost Plot. Or, Have you lost the plot?” 

The narrative of ‘the lost plot’ is fascinating in the way it’s stored in our psyche, able to influence our lives and our creative work.

Perhaps, you’re waiting to make a decision on where to go next in a current project, and that decision is dependant on the outcome of another project. Pretty soon, you lose the plot of which move to make next.

As writers and creatives, our work relies on our mind.

We allow ourselves to become HIGH PERFORMING writers and creatives when we learn how to train that mind.

Would you like to make sure that all your habitual, mental strategies aren’t part of a lost plot? 

Join the community

@ 6.30pm


“My main insight was – I’ve been trying to embrace my novel. I need to embrace myself!.”

Kay Gillard,  MA Creative Writing

Participants will be guided through writing exercises, which will enable them to relax the mind, access a gentle, decision making strategy, and decide on a clear way forward.

This Thursday, March 26th
6.30pm until 8pm.

It might be that your current circumstances are making it difficult to see a clear way ahead, either in your life, or with your current work in progress.

Perhaps you can’t hear the voice of reason (let alone your characters!) in all the noise, right now. 

Or, maybe you feel that your writing, or life, hinges on this one vital decision to figure the whole plot out; a decision, which is always, elusively, out of reach.


Come join us online at 6.30pm this Thursday and write your way to clarity and calm.

“Loved the session, thanks Gabriela & everyone taking part.”

Iris, Writer and Translator

This Thursday 26th 

See you there, Gabriela x

“Gabriela has uncanny insight and focus. She is ruthless in her ability to chase down the issues that are holding writers back, and she genuinely cuts chains and releases potential.”

Tom Harvey, Writer/Producer