Finish your novel

Whether you’re working on a new idea, a first draft, or an edit,
this eight month program will give you accountability and support
to finish your novel and take your creative career to the next level. 

Did you know


of people who start a book don’t finish?

They can’t find the time, or they’re always making mistakes. Or, those energy levels just aren’t there.

Sometimes, it just seem too hard to get what’s in their head into the novel, AND have it sound good.

What difference would it make to finish your novel?

Finish your novel

  • Imagine proving to yourself you can do it.
  • Think of the difference it would mean, the sense of achievement!
  • You could send it out to your beta readers, or submit to agents.
  • You'd also be able to move onto some of those other stories and projects you've been eager to dive into.

Who Knows,

finishing a novel might just


If you’re already a Write, no Matter What Member, you can join us for £275 a month.


You can sign up at £350 a month and enjoy membership to the Write, no Matter What Community.

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Are you eager to finish your novel, send it out to beta readers or submit to agents, even move onto another project, yet those energy levels just aren’t there?

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Finish novel

If you have an urge to write and impact the lives of others, and you believe in yourself just enough to want seek the right support, come and join us!

If you see how your idea has potential, maybe even that it could provide pleasure for others, but need help structuring your idea, this course is perfect for you. 

Perhaps, you’re always editing as you go, which is slowing you down…

Or, you feel positive about the project – you KNOW it will be a great story – but you’re still trying to iron out the kinks.

Maybe the middle of your story is sagging and you’re feeling doubtful about your abilities, or you’re unable to write without being overly critical.

If so, come and join us and learn how to structure your idea, and strengthen your mindset, so that, finally, you can FINISH!

Join my online course and…Finish your novel!

Here’s what the course involves:


A monthly, two hour Zoom session, on the first Monday of the month at 5pm UK time, where participants will meet and begin with a ten minute guided visualisation to develop mental focus and energy.

Next, we work through a handful of self-reflection writing prompts for fifteen minutes to aid clarity, build motivation and encourage insight.

Afterwards, we enjoy ninety minutes of questions and coaching.

These sessions are designed to keep you accountable, develop your mindset, and troubleshoot any challenges you might be having. 



A special series of 12 videos with curated writing prompts that will guide you to use the 12 phases of the Hero’s journey to structure or hone your novel.

Whether you’re working on a new idea, or something already in progress, the videos will help you explore the world of your story, and what calls your protagonist onto their journey.

Hone an existing project, or flesh out a new idea, tightening up loose moments and creating a satisfying narrative arc.

The writing prompts will help you look at your characters, and explore how each of your chapters contains forward momentum, depth and intrigue. 


Access 8 powerful Masterclasses designed to help you gain clarity and develop your mind in a way that enables you to achieve your creative goals.

Whether you’re struggling with fears, doubt or procrastination, these sessions will guide you through specific processes in order to rewire your brain.

Move through any writing blocks you might have and learn how to allow the flow of inspiration.

Each video will help you build the mindset you need to have the fulfilling creative career you desire. 


You will also be able to enjoy bonus content from agents discussing their own writers and the particular stories they enjoy.

These interviews are designed to help as you craft your work by bringing your attention to what works in the publishing world.

They will also provide a useful resource for writers wishing to go down the traditional publishing route.

This bonus content will be released in month 7.


I have been working with Gabriela for just over 6 months. Enrolling with her has already turned out to be one of the most significant life decisions I have ever made. With her guidance, I am learning to develop a completely new relationship to my writing.

Emma Wager, Writer, Greece

If you’re already a Write, no Matter What Member, you can join us for £275 a month.


You can sign up at £350 a month and enjoy membership to the Write, no Matter What Community.

Sign up for 8 MONTHS via credit or debit card.

Cancel at any time with at least 7 days’ notice before your next payment.

If you want to make sure you finish your novel,

Join us live, every month, as well as study at your own pace.

“Gabriela’s a great listener as well as empathetic, and compassionate. I appreciated her directness and that she has very clearly done a huge amount of work on herself so she is able to hold the space and keep the focus on the client, a rare gift.”


Penny, London, Film Maker and Writer