Friday 7th – Sunday 9th January 2022

Start the year with a powerful three-day retreat to gain full awareness of your life and career and what your ‘mission’ as a creator truly is.

Join us for three days online and tune into what’s truly calling you.

Have all the guidance you need to dream, plan and cover contingencies.

The things you’re passionate about aren’t random. THEY ARE YOUR CALLING!

There are many creatives who struggle to make sense of their purpose or vocation in life. We feel an urge to create, but aren’t sure of what our life’s work should be.

Whether you have an existing dream and are facing frustrating obstacles, or you’re looking to dive deeper into your true potential, we’ve got you covered!


Friday 7th – Sunday 9th January 2022.
2pm – 5.30pm UK time.

Do you dream of escaping the ‘Ordinary World’ of your life?

Does it sometimes feel no one understands you or your dreams?

If so, come and learn how to tap into the life force of your imagination and discover the courage to live your true potential with a group of likeminded creators.

“Gabriela is an angel with an impressive set of skills.”

David, Writer, Creative Director

What to expect on the retreat

FRIDAY 7TH JANUARY 2pm – 5.30pm

We begin by exploring your ‘Ordinary World’, the pace and tone of your life and everyday affairs, and the areas that are calling for change.

Through a series of carefully curated journal prompts, and exercises, you will understand more about your life and the meaning behind your experiences. 

You will enjoy a guided visualisation that will enable you to see different possibilities ahead, and the specific ways you can choose more freedom.

There is a purpose you have been created for and this introductory session will help you see where you are stuck and where you might open yourself to deliberate, or conscious, positive change.  

“My session with Gabriela came at a perfect point in my life.”

Joy, Freelance Writer, Journalist and editor

It’s time to give yourself permission to be fully who you are!


On the second day, we dive into what’s really igniting you! What if you were to heed the call to creative adventure?

Take part in an imaginative exercise specifically designed to help you dream, plan and cover contingencies for whatever creative purpose is knocking at your door.

Many of us can struggle to bring our ideas to fruition. This is because the process of creativity requires 3 key elements to produce a well-formed idea. Receive the guidance you need to discover those elements. Make your creative goals come to fruition.

Are you ready to remember how to live?


On the last day we complete our experience with a creative workshop to bring about ‘Total Inner Agreement’. Many of us fail to take continued action on our dreams because we’re torn. We might have conflicting thoughts in our head, or we might find ourselves thinking one thing and doing another. 

Discover a powerful method to bring about full connection within, so that you’re mind and body are aligned with the life and career you dream of creating. 

Celebrate the mystery of life and see a clear vision of what you are here to achieve! 

“I’ve learned so much from Gabriela about living the creative writer’s life and I encourage anyone who wants to up their creative game to attend her workshops. Gabriela is a shining light in today’s world!”

Maria, Creative Writing Coach, Author, Crystal Mapper 

The three day retreat will be hosted on Zoom

As well as guided visualisations, journaling and powerful workshop exercises, participants will have an opportunity to share their insights and ask questions.

You will also have access to the recorded workshops to watch in your own time, enabling you to enjoy the power of each of the daily processes, over and over.


Enjoy our ‘Creator Friendly’ discount until Friday 3rd December!



Nothing is as important as your calling in life!

“Apart from being clearly competent at what she does, Gabriela is an awesome speaker and knows how to create a space where attendees can bath in good vibe and inspiration (at the same time!).”

Simona, Facilitator, Coach, Trainer