Thursday May 21st @ 5.30pm

“The Art of Focus”

Concentrate your MIND and ENERGY where it matters. 

In trying to overcome distractions and obstacles, many writers actually train their attention in the wrong direction.

This is why it might feel increasingly difficult to focus and make progress!

As Writers and Creatives, our work relies on our mind.

When we focus that mind, we become HIGH PERFORMING Writers and Creatives.

Join the community

@ 5.30pm


“Gabriela is at the top of her game. Not only did she assess faultlessly the challenge I faced professionally, but she got every crucial feature right — level, complexity, the underlying issue, its interconnectedness with all issues of significance — and set me on the right track with the precision of an engineer.”

Alica Arvay,  Writer and Business Development Executive

Participants will be guided through writing exercises, which will enable them to relax the mind, access a gentle, decision making strategy, and decide on a clear way forward.

Thursday, May 21st
5.30pm until 7pm.

It might be that your current circumstances are making it difficult to see a clear way ahead, either in your life, or with your current work in progress.

Perhaps you can’t hear the voice of clarity in all the noise, right now. 

Or, maybe you feel that you’re struggling with the conflicting ideas that you’re best days are over even though you can’t quite give up!


Come join us online at 5.30pm Thursday May 21st.

“Loved the session, thanks Gabriela & everyone taking part.”

Iris, Writer and Translator

Thursday May 21st @ 5.30pm 

See you there, Gabriela x

“Gabriela has uncanny insight and focus. She is ruthless in her ability to chase down the issues that are holding writers back, and she genuinely cuts chains and releases potential.”

Tom Harvey, Writer/Producer