Structure made Simple

Join us online for a three-day retreat.

Are you ready to write a story that satisfies your reader?

There are many writers who struggle to make sense of narrative structure. Whether you have an existing draft with problems you’re looking to ‘diagnose’, or an idea you’d like to commit to and develop, we’ve got you covered!

Structure made Simple

Friday 22nd October – Sunday 24th October

It’s time to shape your story in a way that taps into the life force of your imagination and WOWs your reader!

If you want to write a successful book and touch people with your words, then the Structure made Simple online retreat is just for you.

What to expect:

Friday 22nd October, 4pm to 6pm BST

This introductory session will guide you to map out your novel so that it is a meaningful and complete experience.

Through a series of carefully curated writing prompts, you will clarify the journey of your main protagnist, whether this is an internal journay of the heart, or an outward journey that brings about change. 

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th October

12pm to 6pm BST 

Over these two days you will take part in sessions designed to help you flesh out the stages of your main protagonist’s journey and validate your instincts. The retreat is ‘experiential’ so that participants will spend their time creating and writing, rather than listening. 

Crafting the beginning to a story is a delicate process, and maintaining the pace of your novel can feel challenging. Through a series of specific, thought-provoking writing prompts you will build a story that gives readers the experience you desire in order for them to experience pleasure from your writing.

Your creativity is a well structured story waiting to be written!

During the Retreat, you will:

Take part in journaling exercises to simplify your thoughts around the novel structure you’d love to create. You will also be invited to share ideas throughout the retreat in order gain further insight and move through blocks.

Travel deep into your creative psyche to unearth the story you are eager to tell.

Unleash your creativity and construct a story that is dramatic, entertaining and psychologically true.

Whether you want to diagnose the problems of an ailing plotline, or structure an idea that will transform your reader, the guidance you will receive through the Structure made Simple reatreat will give you the ability to make an impact with your writing!

structure made simple £475

Write the story your imagination is calling you to write!

“Thank you so much for the program – it’s completely transformed my writing practice (and family life) and it’s been a real privilege to go through the process and watch the shifts in my attitude and actions.  I feel inspired and empowered and ready for the next phase.”

Jo, YA Author and Storyteller

Structure made Simple

Join us online for three days and learn:

How to unearth the pattern of your story so that every element is a satisfying read.

The simple way to structure each chapter and how to go ‘off-piste’ with your imagination.

What it really means to write a novel that people can’t put down.

The art of writing stories that people share.

structure made simple £475

Write the story your imagination is calling you to write!

The three day retreat will be hosted on Zoom, starting at 4pm on Friday 22nd October. Participants will have an opportunity to meet, define their goals, and get deeply creative!.

During the weekend sessions there will be screen and snack breaks.

Participants can hope to finish the retreat with a clear outline of a new idea or a new map for their current WIP.

“I want to let you know how much the weekend retreat meant to me. Your coaching and facilitation of events are truly wonderful. It really gave me a huge jumpstart. I’ve created a vision board, transcribed my weekend “notes,” and plan to beat my own deadline!”

Karen, Poet/Author, France