Self Care for Creatives

If the benefits of self care are hard to deny these days, what stops us from making it a priority?

Join us live, Thursday 3rd December 5pm – 6.45pm GMT 

Gabriela Blandy Creative Unleashed

We might know our days run smoother when we’re feeling relaxed, yet we struggle to manage our time in order that we can feel relaxed more often!

Self Care for Creatives

This session is designed to help you connect to YOU and find energy for the things that matter most.

You will also discover why making Self Care difficult, or ‘wrong’ in some way, might be the very thing your brain is trying to achieve.

And the craziest part is that this could be happening automatically, i.e. without you realising...

That’s why, even though we know people are better off if we stop to ‘put our oxygen mask on first’, we struggle to apply that in day to day. Our brain simply hasn’t been trained to behave in that way. 

Let’s change that!

Tune in for a nourishing and informative Masterclass that will enable you to reprogram your mind and access your inner calm. 

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“how to Create Your income”

Gabriela Blandy

Let me help you make an impact, and an income!

You are one of the few addressing a concern that affects many writers. Please continue the great work you are doing! What you are doing is unique and very much in demand!

Gerry, California, Writer, Self Employed

Today is the day you decide to do whatever it takes to build a fulfilling and financially rewarding creative career.