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‘The exercises really put my writing into perspective, I learnt how to beat procrastination and move forward with my career. Gabriela was able to pinpoint issues I had been struggling to get a grasp on, and provide effective solutions. The talk was inspiring and proactive and I could not recommend Gabriela enough.’

Luke Hunter, Writer and Actor

What if you could replace self doubt with the resilience to keep going, and stay organised?

Imagine setting time aside to write, and then actually using it for writing!

What are you putting up with when it comes to your writing habits?

And, even if you think you can’t, what if you could? 

Performance Coaching will help you become the writer you feel you can be, without the false starts and angst!

EVERY MONTH, I take a group of committed writers on an experience. We dive deep into what they really want from their life and career.

I invite them to lean into their fears, get uncomfortable, open up, and create a vision, no matter how impossible it seems. 

This is my invitation: STOP replaying unfulfilling writing habits, which only bring more of the same.

START, by signing up for my Online Masterclass and transform the way you approach the page.

When you master my Write, no Matter What principles, you will become UNSTOPPABLE!


William Shakespeare

An amazing amount covered in a short time. The format seemed to work very well. Thank you. I got a lot out of it. I liked the quick journaling. I was REALLY surprised at what that uncovered for me! Understanding that my behaviour is actually quite destructive is fascinating. 

Tom Harvey, Playwright and Producer 



1. The next Online Masterclass takes place on Thursday October 24th. 

2. There are two slots available, depending on your timezone.

3. You can book a spot in the ‘audience’, or request a ‘HOT SEAT’.

4. The ‘HOT SEAT’ means you’ll form part of a group of writers willing to be coached. My promise is to HIDE NOTHING and HOLD NOTHING BACK. I invite you to do the same!

5. The session runs for an hour and forty-five minutes and tickets cost £15

6. A recording will be available for all who sign up. 

Join the audience…

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Gabriela is an engaging communicator, with an insider’s knowledge of the challenges and obstacles that can prevent writers from producing work. The problems each writer encounters are individual to them, of course, but Gabriela provides techniques to think one’s way around a problem; techniques that I’m sure many writers will find useful.”

Chris Power, Short Story writer and Guardian Columnist