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‘Thank you again for your amazing videos. I must say that each time I open your link I see something new. You create this ‘energy’ in your videos and motivation.’  Silvia, Writer and Translator

In order to dedicate time to putting words down on the page, we have to believe in a desired outcome. My videos will help you get clear about what that desired outcome is.

They will also help you stay on track: staying on track is a long-term practice, in the way an athlete will put the hours in to achieve the Olympic success they dream of. My videos will help you build strategies for the days you wake up and your body aches. You will know what to do when a writing session doesn’t go the way you’d hoped, and you begin to doubt that desired outcome. 

I’m here for you to become the writer you aspire to be!


Video of the Week

Five Minute Monday

These five-minute videos are aimed at helping you deal with life so that you can remain inspired and focused on your creative projects. Find new themes every Monday to help you steer an inventive course through your week and clear up those niggles that are blocking the artist in you.

‘I love the way you interact with your audience. You come across as very authentic, and you speak beautifully!!!’ – Bryn, Director and Writer

Writing Weekend

Journaling can bring deep insights and help us to a place of release. In these videos, I take you through many of the challenges the writers and creatives who I work with are facing, and provide two real-time exercises to help. Expect vulnerability and authenticity as I write alongside you and share my findings!

‘Love your creativity that shines through everything I’ve seen you do.’ – Mojca, Life Coach

Creative coaching

My true purpose in life is to inspire you to follow yours. These videos are aimed at motivating and inspiring you to take that step towards your dreams and are a great place to start if you are thinking about purchasing one of my products.