Are you ready to write the story
only you can tell? 

Memoir writing retreat

Join us for the next creative unleashed three day masterclass retreat and discover your meaningful memoir:

If you’ve been dreaming of sharing a story or message that positively impacts others, then let’s make that happen!

meaningful memoir, MAY 2022

A Three Day, Online Retreat for Writers and Creative Entrepreneurs drawn to help others navigate life with more joy and clarity. 

Friday 20th may, 2pm to 6pm BST

Saturday 21st May, 12pm to 6pm BSt 

Sunday 22nd May, 12pm to 6pm BST

The Meaningful Memoir Online Retreat will help you discover and refine the themes in your story so that you can give voice to the message that lies within you. 

Whether you are just starting out with an idea, or looking to shed light on a rough draft, you will learn exactly the focus you need to give you reader and how to share your perspectives in a way that will help others learn.

If you feel there’s a story within you that could inspire others, and you’re looking for the right support and guidance to help that come out, then the Meaningful Memoir online retreat is just for you.

Friday 20th May, 2022,

2pm to 6pm BST

In this introductory evening, we will dive into a powerful writing exercise to help you explore the themes of your memoir. Whether you’re stuck with too many ideas, or don’t know where to start, this session is designed to bring you the clarity and energy you need to move forward. 

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd May, 2022

12pm to 6pm BST 

Over these two days you will take part in sessions designed to help you define the audience for your memoir and how you wish to help and inspire them. You will also create the HOOK for your book and discover how to make your story relatable, ensuring that your reader connects right from the start.

You will also learn how to structure your book in a way that allows for your story to be a ‘Therapeutic Intervention’, giving readers the experience they need in order to transform their lives.

Guest sessions from Literary Agents from two of London’s top agencies will help you hone your brand, understand the market, and approach your story with a professional attitude.

By the end of the retreat, your memoir will feel like a book that has potential to impact thousands.

Your wisdom is a book waiting to be written!

Writing retreat

During the Retreat, you will:

Take part in journaling exercises to simplify your thoughts around the book you’re currently writing, or would like to write.

You will also be invited to share ideas throughout the retreat in order to hone your message and themes in preparation for writing your memoir.

Discover a powerful process that will help you stay motivated in order to see your project through to the final draft.

Learn how to overcome fear, get vulnerable and write with personality.  

Whether you want to bring people together with a powerful manifesto, tell the story of what you do in order to grow your business, or learn how to structure a therapeutic journey to transform your reader, mastering the art of Meaningful Memoir will give you the ability to write a book that will make an impact and an income! 

Meaningful Memoir

£475 £400

Creative Unleashed Blueprint

Learn the key structure for a ‘Therapeutic Memoir’.

Save £75

Understand your audience. 

Unleash your creativity and be brave.

“Thank you so much for the programme – it’s completely transformed my writing practice (and family life) and it’s been a real privilege to go through the process and watch the shifts in my attitude and actions.  I feel inspired and empowered and ready for the next phase.”

Jo, YA Author and Storyteller

Meaningful Memoir

Join us online for three days and learn:

The theme, message or focus you want to have for your story.

The vital difference between a bland story about your life and giving a powerful perspective that helps others learn.

The simple way to structure your book that enables your truth to heal others. 

Advice, guidance and key industry knowledge from literary agents.

What it really means to write a memoir that people want.

The art of writing a book that others want to read.

How to stay motivated to see your project through!

The three day retreat will be hosted on Zoom, starting at 2pm on Friday 20th May, 2022 for an introductory four hour session. Participants will have an opportunity to meet and define their themes.

During the weekend sessions there will be screen and snack breaks.

Participants can hope to finish the retreat with a clear sense of what they are doing with their book, with key ideas on how to structure their story and engage their reader in a way that feels authentic. 

You will also have had the opportunity to meet two top literary agents in the UK.

Meaningful Memoir

£475 £400

Creative Unleashed Blueprint

Learn the key structure for a ‘Therapeutic Memoir’.

Save £75

Understand your audience. 

Unleash your creativity and be brave.

“I know it’s your job but your non judgement really helps facilitate personal understanding. It enables me to be truthful and honest with myself.
I’m grateful you are my coach. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do..”

Virginia, Shamanic Practitioner