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Join us online for a three-day retreat.

Are you ready to create video content that matters to people and changes lives?

If you’ve been dreaming of sharing a story or message that positively impacts others, or growing a tribe in a way that’s meaningful and life-changing, then let’s make that happen!

How to make

Fri 22nd – Sun 24th July, 2022

Whether you’re just starting out with an idea, or looking to develop an existing business through video content, you will learn exactly how to share your stories in a way that will help others.

If you want to inspire people to make change in their life, or spread a message that will educate others, the Impactful Video Content online retreat is just for you.

What to expect:

Friday 22nd July, 4pm to 6pm BST

This introductory session will help you explore what you want your video content to do.

Are you on a mission to spread important practices or principles that could enable people to live better lives? Perhaps you want to make people laugh, or transport them into magical lands?

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July

12pm to 6pm BST 

Over these two days you will take part in sessions designed to help you define the audience for your video content and the platforms you wish to reach and serve them on.

Discover how to make your content ‘relatable’, ensuring your viewer connects right from the start of your videos.

Learn how to structure your content in a way that allows for your videos to be a ‘Creative Intervention’, giving viewers the experience they need in order to transform their lives, learn, and experience pleasure.

Your creativity is a video waiting to be made!

During the Retreat, you will:

Take part in journaling exercises to simplify your thoughts around the content you’d love to create. You will also be invited to share ideas throughout the retreat in order gain further insight and move through blocks.

Learn about YouTube and how to create content that has an ‘Evergreen Shelf Life’ so that you can consistently grow your email list and reach potential customers without the use of advertising.

Discover a powerful process that will help you stay motivated in order to remain consistent with your work. Learn how to overcome fear, get vulnerable and create with flair.

Whether you want to bring people together with a powerful manifesto, tell the story of what you do in order to grow your business, or learn how to structure a ‘Creative Journey’ to transform your viewer, mastering the art of Impactful Video Content will give you the ability make an impact and an income!

Impactful Video Content £475

make the IMPACT you were born to make!

“Thank you so much for the programme – it’s completely transformed my writing practice (and family life) and it’s been a real privilege to go through the process and watch the shifts in my attitude and actions.  I feel inspired and empowered and ready for the next phase.”

Jo, YA Author and Storyteller

How to make

Join us online for three days and learn:

How to build an audience around your content.

The vital ingredients to producing and editing authentic videos and sharing powerful perspectives that helps others learn.

The simple way to structure your videos and how to go ‘off-piste’.

Advice, guidance and key industry knowledge on ‘keywords’ and the YouTube algorithm.

What it really means to create video content that people want.

The art of making videos that people share.

How to manage your time so that you stay motivated and consistent!

Impactful Video Content £475

make the IMPACT you were born to make!

The three day retreat will be hosted on Zoom, starting at 4pm on Friday 22nd July. Participants will have an opportunity to meet, define their goals, and get deeply creative!.

During the weekend sessions there will be screen and snack breaks.

Participants can hope to finish the retreat with a clear sense of what they are doing with their content, with key ideas on how to structure their videos and engage their viewer in a way that feels authentic.

“I want to let you know how much the weekend retreat meant to me. Your coaching and facilitation of events are truly wonderful. It really gave me a huge jumpstart. I’ve created a vision board, transcribed my weekend “notes,” and plan to beat my own deadline!”

Karen, Poet/Author, France