Being unstoppable, means playing all out.

Join me in London LIVE on November 21st – when I’ll be guiding you through a powerful process to create a compelling future vision for your writing career!

‘I can’t think of anyone kinder, more intelligent or perceptive than Gabriela to guide someone through the art of writing – and living.’

Miranda France, Writer and Translator

What are you willing to do to create a life that inspires you?

If you could only work two hours a week, what would you focus on?

What are you putting up with?

Even if you think you can’t, what if you could? 

Life Coaching is ALL ABOUT powerful questions!

EVERY THIRD THURSDAY OF THE MONTH, I take a group of committed writers on an experience. We dive deep into what they really want from their life and career.

I invite them to lean into their fears, get uncomfortable, open up, and create a vision, no matter how impossible it seems. 

This is my invitation: STOP living into a ‘default future’, with only more of the same.

START, by joining us in the audience, or take a ‘HOT SEAT’ up at the front, either way this evening offers you the opportunity to experience life-changing conversations! 

When you PLAY ‘ALL OUT’ you become UNSTOPPABLE!

Bruce Lee

“Gabriela is one of those amazing people in life that you meet from time to time and you quickly realise just what an extraordinary person she is.

“She helped me to overcome a personal issue that I was struggling with during a transformational coaching session. That single session helped me to make a well needed change that has had profoundly positive ripple effects since that session.

“If you get an opportunity to meet Gabriela, then buckle-up and pay attention, because I promise you that you will benefit.”




1. My LONDON LIVE events run on the Third Thursday of the month. 

2. The evenings start at 6.30pm and run until 8.15pm

3. You can book a spot in the audience, or request a ‘HOT SEAT’ at the front.

4. The ‘HOT SEAT’ means you’ll form part of a group of writers willing to be coached. My promise is to HIDE NOTHING and HOLD NOTHING BACK. I invite you to do the same!

5. The event is sponsored by City University and free to all who attend. 

6. Each evening is held at the University in Building A, St John Street, on the ground floor in room 21. (AG21) Here is a campus map. 

Join the audience…

Or, take the ‘HOT SEAT’!

Gabriela is an engaging communicator, with an insider’s knowledge of the challenges and obstacles that can prevent writers from producing work. The problems each writer encounters are individual to them, of course, but Gabriela provides techniques to think one’s way around a problem; techniques that I’m sure many writers will find useful.”

Chris Power, Short Story writer and Guardian Columnist