Join me for my Lecture Series and discover how NLP can enable you to achieve your Full Potential.

Next Session: Thursday February 20th

@ City University

 “The Core Evolutionary Program that keeps us from achieving our true creative potential”  

I can’t think of anyone kinder, more intelligent or perceptive than Gabriela to guide someone through the art of writing – and living.’

Miranda France, Writer and Translator

Do you find yourself struggling to prioritise, or find proper time to write?

Are you distracted by family or work, battling to focus in a noisy world?

What are you putting up with when it comes to your work ethic and your creative practice, and how is that impacting your potential?

This workshop is an opportunity for you to  upgrade your thinking and achieve your potential. 

CREATE A LIFE AND CAREER that INSPIRES with Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

1. The Lecture Series takes place on the third Thursday of the month at City University from 6.30pm until 8pm. 

2. The sessions explore how you can create a mindset geared towards success.

3. Specialised writing exercises will enable you to hone your imaginative muscles.

4. The evening ends with a Coaching Conversation. Participants are invited to select ‘HOT SEAT’ when reserving their spot. 

5. The Lectures take place at City University, St Johns Street, in BUILDING A. See Campus Map.

Discover how to Create the life and career you want. 

Learn techniques to Overcome blocks and obstacles.

Break free of limitation.

Formulate clear steps towards your future dreams.


February 20th

February 20th

“Gabriela is one of those amazing people you meet from time to time.

“She helped me overcome a personal issue I was struggling with during a transformational coaching session. That single session helped me to make a well needed change that has had profoundly positive ripple effects.

“If you get an opportunity to meet Gabriela, then buckle-up and pay attention, because I promise you that you will benefit.”

ANDREW JENKINS, Author of ‘You are More than you think’, Leadership Consultant and Keynote Speaker


Come join me for the night!

Form part of a group of creative professionals willing to explore new places. My promise is to HIDE NOTHING and HOLD NOTHING BACK. I invite you to do the same!


February 20th

February 20th

“I attended one of Gabriela’s seminars at City University to help writers unlock their potential. Gabriela’s well-structured guided session was highly beneficial to me personally to increase my motivation in completing my unfinished books. Gabriela was very warm and truly passionate about approaching each participant and guiding them with specific tips. I will definitely attend more workshops and retreats in the future.”

Monica, Writer and Editor at the London Mums Magazine