Every writer I’ve worked with can describe that sweet place of effortless collaboration with the creative urge within them where words come without that second voice in the mind that says, ‘surely you can do better!’ Or, ‘will anyone care?

In order to dedicate time to putting words down on the page, we have to believe in a pleasurable outcome. No one ever became a writer because they imagined someone reading their words and thinking, ‘well, these aren’t unique!’ Or, ‘that was pretty useless!

The dream of writing is gorgeously exciting!

There is a moment when every writer is hit by a sensation, or a knowing, that their words mean something. This experience is one of absolute certainty. It must be, otherwise, how do we have the provocation to form that dream? Here, is where we align with our destiny as a writer – we’re on a track with an irrefutable destination. The feeling of putting words down is so ‘right’ that it couldn’t be wrong. This is absolutely what we were meant to do.

So, what happens then, when we suddenly feel the weight of expectation, crushing our creative impulse? Perhaps, fear has crept in and you doubt your ability. Here, is when we can lose all motivation.

Staying on track is a long-term practice, in the way an athlete will wake up every day and put the hours in to achieve the Olympic success they dream of. They have strategies for the days they wake up and their body aches. They know what to do when a training session doesn’t go the way they’d hoped, and they begin to doubt that vision of them on the top step of the podium, with a gold medal around their neck.

It’s the same with writing.

Firstly, you need to be really clear about what your irrefutable destination is.

If you’re not sure, then you won’t notice when you begin to veer off course. If you’ve felt that urge to write, say, but you haven’t focused on exactly where your creative drive is going to take you, then you will accept doubt when it comes creeping in because you weren’t all that clear about where you were trying to get to anyway.

If, on the other hand, you’re sure that the path leads to a thousand word blog post every week with at least one share on social media, then when it’s not happening you will be more alert to the fact that you have veered off course.

And what about the moment we veer off course?

It happens.

I want to make that clear.

This is because we can be quick to sense a shift in our trajectory – that moment we don’t feel like sitting down and getting those words on the page – as proof we don’t really have what it takes.


This moment is simply as innocuous as a gust of wind.

It happens.

The proof that you have what it takes is what you do next.

So, what do you do next?

I want you to imagine closing your eyes and then, when you open them again the world has gone completely blurry. What do you do?

Would you say, ‘oh, well, this is how it is now, I knew the world couldn’t stay crisp forever’?

Or, would you, say, give your eyes a rub, check that your contact lenses or glasses hadn’t slipped out of place? Perhaps you might go to the window and find another point of reference, see if the world outside had also become hazy too. Maybe you blink a few times or phone a friend and say, ‘listen, something weird just happened.’

Here is how we can react when we feel ourselves veering off track with our writing. If we suddenly find ourselves concerned we’re not good enough to get published, we need to remind ourselves that the path ahead has simply shifted out of focus and rub our eyes.

If we find our headspace has been invaded with stressful matters, we straighten our glasses as this is not the reality of our knowing we have a future as a writer.

Take heart that when you find yourself in this blurred place, it’s not proof you don’t have what it takes. Rather, it’s a moment to prove you DO have what it takes. So, blink a few times, which is the equivalent of taking time out to remind yourself of the clear picture that lies ahead.


Staying on track means knowing the path you’re walking in detail so that when you feel yourself veering off, or the way ahead looks fuzzy, it’s only a reminder to shake your head and remind yourself of what’s actually real. We wouldn’t accept a sudden blurred world as a new reality, the same goes for anything that runs contrary to your writing dreams.

Your destiny as a writer is the most truthful thing about you!  

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