Honking your skill as a writer takes practice and often we can find it hard to show up for that practice if we doubt ourselves.

One of the first, fulltime jobs I had aged seventeen was working in a fireworks factory. I packed sparklers and rockets from seven in the morning until five in the evening. Sometimes, the hours went by like minutes. Sometimes, the minutes went by like hours.

Even then, doing a job that was purely for the money, I can see the instinct was strong within me to perfect my skill. There was the external movement of making up boxes, and reaching for the fireworks that would go in those boxes. Then, there was the internal movement – the inner growth that came from honing a craft.

In this state, utterly engrossed with the task at hand, we will drown out what is not essential to our writing.

When the world around becomes a distraction, we find our thoughts are not aligned with the acts we’re taking part in. This distraction is a sign we’ve lost sight of our writing and its purpose, and have ceased to move in that important, internal way necessary for growth.

I meet clients in this state. They have ‘lost heart’ in their writing, their life, themselves.

The clue is often in the way they describe their situation – not the ‘he said, she said’ part, but the way they ‘feel’ about it all: unmotivated, frustrated, lost, angry.

Whatever improvements we make in our skillset are for our benefit. Whatever we achieve is for ourselves. If we lose clarity on this then, yes, the feelings can become heavy. We have lost our connection to ourselves, our writing.

I experienced this at the beginning of my thirties: an unpleasant sense of watching my work ethic and feeling disappointed in what I saw. I didn’t know about Life Coaching then, and my situation scared me. How was I going to get a novel written, going about writing in this half-hearted way?

These experiences are exactly what we can build on. They can seem like black holes, but often turn out to be filled with resources that can be mined.

A sense of disappointment in your work ethic is proof that you’re aware of a more productive way. It’s time to mine your past for the levels of engagement you know you are capable of. Rediscover your heart, and in turn your purpose. I encourage you to challenge yourself, once more, and reach for a higher level of mastery.

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