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The European Literature Salon

presented by County Hall Arts and Kyoto House

Tune in for the next session as I interview Award-Winning Writer, Poet and Essayist, Kavita Jindal.

Here’s a clip from the last time Kavita and I chatted.

Standalone workshops of 90 Minutes

Here’s how to hire me to Speak

I host interviews and offer group Masterclasses of up to 90 minutes.

I’m also available for day-long workshops, retreats and bespoke speeches, let’s make it easy and chat.

What to expect from my group Masterclasses and workshops

How to Master Effective Strategies

Learn the psychology behind procrastination, overcome negative habits and make efficient progress towards creative goals.  

The authentic way to Create a bold WHY!

Finding and settling on the reason behind WHY you do what you do, will increase productivity without sacrificing downtime or balance. 

Map your outcome and upgrade your habits

Every time we anticipate failure, we veer off course. Understanding your INNER COMPASS, will keep you safely on track. 

#WriteNoMatterWhat Membership

Learn how to let go and flush your body with joy

Design a new way of being in life and work that is sustainable and nourishing. 

The TRUE strategy for perfect results!

Define your perfect and discover how to map a course to your desired results.  

#WriteNoMatterWhat Membership

Create an effortless habit of high performance

Once you find and reclaim that missing hour a day, you’ll see your life transform!

I can’t think of anyone kinder, more intelligent or perceptive than Gabriela to guide someone through the art of writing – and living.’

Miranda France, Writer and Translator

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