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Standalone workshops of between 1.5 and 3 hours

Finding and settling on the reason behind WHY you do what you do, will increase productivity without sacrificing downtime or balance. 

Learn the difference between your TRUE WHY and ‘the Dead End Why’.

Overcome the brambles of self doubt and Create a WHY that is BOLDLY YOU.

Put pen to paper and see how you can EXPRESS this WHY to those around you. 

Every time we anticipate failure, we veer off course. Understanding your INNER COMPASS, will keep you safely on track. 

Learn how to map your dreams and desires.

Discover the habits that are holding you back.

Design a thirty day practice to develop your INNER COMPASS.


Stress creates an ecosystem in the body that we can grow accustomed to, making it harder to choose happiness. 

Discover all the areas in your life that you are ‘putting up with’, all those tensions that have been impacting your life. 

Learn how to ‘let go’ and flush your mind and body with joy.

Design a new way of being in life and work that is sustainable and nourishing.  

If perfect is a word that sparks debate, then your strategy remains ‘in discussion’, where decisions don’t get made and results are sacrificed. 


Define your ‘perfect’ and discover how to map a course to your desired results.

Learn the difference between INNER and OUTER strategy.

Decide on your EFFECTIVE STRATEGY for moving forward.  

Find and reclaim that missing hour a day and see your life transform!

Learn how to get truthful and accountable with ease. 

Create a habit of high performance that feel effortless. 

Learn how to ‘switch on with the alarm’ and grow a trust in yourself to take on anything. 

When you befriend resistance and head your call to greatness, there will be no more procrastination as you know it!

Learn the truth about procrastination!

Make friends with resistance.

Build or deepen your relationship with your intuition.  

I can’t think of anyone kinder, more intelligent or perceptive than Gabriela to guide someone through the art of writing – and living.’

Miranda France, Writer and Translator

These workshops can be delivered either as a one off, or in a sequence of 4, for up to 30 participants.