‘I enjoyed the session and how I felt comfortable working with Gabriela and the group about something I feel insecure about.’

Selene, Writer and Photographer

GROUP COACHING is an affordable way to bring that vital element of accountability into your life as you strive towards your dreams.

FIND A CREATIVE RHYTHM WITH REGULAR, ONLINE SESSIONS, aimed at strengthening your mindset and providing insights for your writing projects.

This is the perfect program for those of you ready to commit to an ambitious future and rely on writing in order to get there. 

I’ve hosted numerous events with Jacob Ross, the award winning writer, and Associate Fiction Editor at Peepal Press, who is kind enough to say this about my work:

‘Gabriela Blandy is one of the most professional, personable writers and mentors I know.
Always engaging, always confidence-inspiring and excellent at her craft.
The benefits of working with her are undeniable.’

Whether, it’s a weekly blog, a poem, an email, a memoir about how you came to be where you are today, or, new copy for your website that says it exactly the way you want, if you’re seeking ways to approach your writing with confidence and joy, knowing you can depend on your words to express your vision, my work is for you.

I don’t distinguish between the entrepreneur who wants to compose a speech and the writer trying to complete a third novel. Words on the page are words on the page, and my program will help you develop a mindset that will enable you to write WHAT you want, WHEN you want!

This means developing the courage to tackle subject matters, which are important to you, and developing the mental resilience to approach the task of writing regularly. This consistency is key! We find our writing voice through practice.

‘Everything you said chimed with me. I am amazed at some of the things I wrote!’

Guildford Creative Writing Student


The way we see ourselves must match our potential. If you’re telling yourself that you’re not really a writer, and yet writing plays a key role in achieving your dreams, you will experience procrastination. I’m here to help you set your mind in a way that will show you how to claim your true potential and WRITE, no matter what.

No matter the voice in your head that says, ‘but my ideas aren’t interesting’, or the worry about what people will think, or the frustration of feeling like you can’t seem to write it the way you want. No matter if you feel there simply isn’t the time.

No matter what has happened in your life up to this moment, right now. If you have an ambitious future, let’s do this!

I want to also add that my program will encourage you to have fun! You will learn to enjoy your writing. It will become an act you look forward to.

‘Hi Gabriela! Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thanks again for organizing such a great session last night. I thought the questions you posed were really, really insightful and relevant for this stage in my writing process. Can’t wait for the next one!’

Katherine, Writer (Non-Fiction) 

What if you could find a way to write, just the way you want?

This question has preoccupied me for years in my own journey as a Writer. It was why I was drawn to train as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and develop my writing and mindset practitces.

Whether your longing to write comes from a deep, creative urge, or an ambition to grow your brand and your audience, my program will enable you to build a relationship with your writing that will become strong enough to withstand any resistance, doubt or inferiorities. 

The short story writer, Chris Power, who I ran a workshop with in 2018 was kind enough to say this about my work: 

‘The problems each writer encounters are individual to them, of course,  but Gabriela provides techniques to think one’s way around a problem; techniques that I’m sure many writers will find useful.’

I hold three, hour-long webinars each month, which aim to hone your ability to write, no matter what and keep you focused on your goals. My writing and mindset exercises are designed to elevate you beyond habitual thought, where daily concerns, fears and blocks can keep us from living an exceptional life.   

Whether you want to create social media content, make progress on a novel, or grow your business, you will gain valuable insights for your writing projects, and learn how to stay on track with your goals and achieve the success you deserve. 

You will also have access to a private Facebook group for peer to peer support, accountability on your weekly goals, and guidance from the program experts. You can share daily wins, post  questions and receive day to day mentoring. 

Commit right now to write, no matter what, and let me enable you to fulfill your ambitions.

‘Gabriela is one of those amazing people in life that you meet from time to time and you quickly realise just what an extraordinary person she is. She is a wise women with a unique depth of conversation as well as connection with others.’

Andrew, Writer

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