“from stressed to best:
How to harness creativity
train your brain for success”

Gabriela Blandy Creative Unleashed

Wednesday 28th April, 5pm – 7pm BST

Did you know there are two different parts of the brain responsible for ‘stressed’ and your ‘best’?

If you dream of making money being creative, but find you’re struggling to focus, this could be a sign you’re using the wrong part of the brain for the job, which is the equivalent of trying to drive forwards when you’re in reverse.

Perhaps you’d love to write a memoir that changes lives, but you’re worried about what people might think, switching the ‘stressed’ part of your brain on and turning the lights out on your creativity.

If you’re frustrated with making slow progress, or overwhelmed by the size of your dreams, it could be that you need to learn how to shift from stressed to best.

“I’m learning how to let go of old patterns of thinking that have been holding me back. Gabriela’s teachings get right to the root of negative thoughts. The workshops are super helpful and motivating.

Kerrin, Writer and Small Business Owener, California


Wednesday 28th April, 5pm – 7pm BST

In this FREE Masterclass, you’ll discover how to teach your mind to work in a more creative way in order to navigate challenges and make progress on your dreams.

Learn how to regularly access a creative state and tap into motivation in order to achieve the success you desire.

Find out the key to letting go of the past and putting your focus where you want so that you can take action that actually gets you somewhere. 

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Gabriela Blandy Creative Unleashed

Let me help you harness your creativity and achieve your dreams!

“One day to go until my debut memoir No Place to Lie is out. It would never have been in print if it wasn’t for super writing coach goddess Gabriela Blandy. Thank you for everything – the support, the on-point questions, the inspiration.”

Helen, Courage Builder, Author, Trainer, Speaker

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