‘Be More Einstein’! Or, How to Create the Headspace to Write

What if that desire for a softer, calmer, clearer headspace, was a vision of how your mind could be?

My Mindset Evenings for Writers aim to demonstrate the ways in which we can advance our thinking, and therefore our actions, to bring about the life and career we deserve. It is part of my #writenomatterwhat work for writers.

On 18th April at 6.30pm I will be discussing how you can create the headspace to write, (and live!) in order to achieve the results you know you’re capable of. I will be joined by Kris Doyle, Book editor at Picador UK.

These events are sponsored by City University and are free to all participants.

Can Mindset Work help with my headspace?

It might be that you find yourself craving a little room to move up there, and yet responding with an air of ‘I wish!’

Imagine if Einstein had scoffed at every one of his notions!

We rely on our minds to bring us visions of possibility. By dismissing those visions, we’re writing off an enriched future, choosing to remain in the same narrow loop of existence. My Mindset techniques will help you understand that your thoughts can generate the reality you actually want, rather than simply providing a noisy backdrop to your day!


Are you a slave to your thoughts?

Have you ever had that experience when you’re driving, or travelling on the train, and your thoughts are focused on a concern you have? In these moments, we can forget about our body, our surroundings. Time vanishes. In essence, our thoughts become more real than anything else. More real than our physical environment and our place in it.

This is why our affairs, that list we keep mentally checking off in our mind, can become so dominant; and why solutions, which are actually a part of the true reality, can feel like a fantasy. Every time we zone in on our thoughts, losing touch with our surroundings, we elevate matters of the mind to the status of the real world and our unchecked mind becomes the master in a reality of its own making.

It’s not as hectic as you ‘think’

We will often experience every one of our concerns simultaneously, because of the speed at which thought occurs. This is why life can feel so overwhelming. Plus, we rarely think of something just the once. This means that, not only do we have a list of matters we need to attend to, we have quadrupled that list by thinking of each one several times. My YouTube video this week gives more insight into this, offering two useful techniques to help clear that clutter.

The good news!

We create all our mental habits. This means, we can create news ones! Rather than responding to the desire for headspace with an attitude of ‘I wish!’

Be more Einstein!

Respond to the vision: be inspired by what your mind is suggesting.

I like to think of that desire for a softer, clearer headspace, as a dispatch from the inventor part of our mind, always offering a better, brighter future.

practical information

This month’s evening takes place on 18th April from 6.30pm until 8.15pm at City University in building A on the ground floor in room 21.

See here for a campus map.

The entrance to the building is on St John Street. The lecture theater is on the same floor as reception. Keep on straight, once you have come through the barriers and we are several meters down the hall on the left.

If you want to join us for the evening please fill in the form below and bring a notebook on the night!

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This could be the year you finally write just the way you want