On February 21st, we will be looking at Doubt and Confidence.

This is a free, Life Coaching event for Writers at 6.30pm until 8.15pm at City University in building A on the ground floor in room 21.

How is it that we can swing from one to the other, having such opposing attitudes to the same piece of work? You may feel that one is far more desirable than the other, which can often serve to make the experience even more unpalatable, as we dread the place of doubt, and try to clutch on to the periods of confidence so that often we are experiencing a low level of fear throughout!

What if you were to find a place of comfort? This is not about compromise. When we begin to integrate two opposing opinions into our psyche, we work to find what they have in common, rather than asking for sacrifice.

My special guest for the night will be the lovely Vanessa Gebbie. Vanessa is a Novelist, Short Story Writer and Poet. She is also a writing tutor and editor, and has judged short story competitions too. Vanessa has written two collections of stories and acted as contributing editor for a brilliant creative writing text book, ‘Short Circuit’. She has won many awards for her short fiction, including prizes at Bridport, Fish and the Willesden Herald. Several of her prize-winning stories have been gathered together in her debut collection, ‘Words from a Glass Bubble’. An extract from “The Coward’s Tale” won the Daily Telegraph ‘Novel in a Year’ Competition.


More about The Thursday Coach

Ideas, inspiration and solutions all lie within us. Believing there is a moment of powerlessness along the trail to find them is the equivalent of taking a map of a clear, straight road and drawing a ditch halfway along.

The Thursday Coach London is a free event, running every third Thursday of the month, enabling Life Coaching for Writers to be available to all. The evenings will help participants develop a creative practice that works for them. Here, you will discover how to bring your dreams into the world around you. You will build skills of self-awareness to see beyond any limitations you might have come to accept about your daily routine. Explore the unknown without a fear of failing. See those perfect ideas that have crept unnoticed in a room of other, louder thoughts. Find where your confidence has been hiding.

Join writer and qualified Coach and NLP Practitioner Gabriela Blandy for sessions that will enable you to be the writer you deserve.

The evening will consist of coaching and beliefs work set around a theme. Bring your notepads and be ready to participate. You will not be asked to share anything you have written.

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Gabriela runs a 12 month group Coaching Program for Writers – ‘Unleash your Creativity‘.

To book a free Discovery Call, and find out how One to One Coaching can help you become the writer you aspire to be, click here.

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