Thursday May 7th @ 5.30pm

“The Flawless Memory”

Become a Memory Maestro!

Our desire for perfection, or flawless results, can wreak havoc with any beliefs we might hold around our memory.

Perhaps you’re aware your memory is not as good as it used to be, or has always let you down.

We often focus on the very memory flaws we wished we didn’t have.

Here’s why it seems increasingly challenging to change!

As Writers and Creatives, our work relies on our mind.

When we train that mind, we become HIGH PERFORMING Writers and Creatives.

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@ 5.30pm


“My main insight was – I’ve been trying to embrace my novel. I need to embrace myself!.”

Kay Gillard,  MA Creative Writing

It might be that your current circumstances are making it difficult to see a clear way ahead, either in your life, or with your current work in progress.

Perhaps you can’t hear the voice of clarity in all the noise, right now. 

Or, maybe you feel that you’re struggling with the conflicting ideas that you’re best days are over even though you can’t quite give up!


Come join us online at 5.30pm Thursday 7th May.

From £55

 Thursday May 7th

“Loved the session, thanks Gabriela & everyone taking part.”

Iris, Writer and Translator

This online sessions is designed to bring an ease to your thinking and ways of seeing.

It will enable you to step free of any “mental burdens” that might be holding you back, right now.

Discover how to shift ‘unhelpful’ patterns, and design a level of productivity that matches your worth.

Thursday May 7th @ 5.30pm 

See you there, Gabriela x

“Gabriela has uncanny insight and focus. She is ruthless in her ability to chase down the issues that are holding writers back, and she genuinely cuts chains and releases potential.”

Tom Harvey, Writer/Producer