Finish your novel

Monday 14th February

Whether you’re working on a first draft, a new idea or an edit, this two hour masterclass will give you a solid footing to finish your novel. 


One of the main reasons the majority of people writing books don’t finish books is what’s going on in their head.

Perhaps you feel positive about the project, but you’re always editing as you go, which holds you back. 

It could be the idea of getting stuck into a writing project appeals to you, if only you could find the time…

You see how your book has potential, maybe even that it could provide pleasure for others, but you’re still trying to iron out the kinks.


What if you could actually finish your novel? 

How would you feel to finally get this done?

Imagine proving to yourself that you can do it!

You’ll be able to send it out to your beta readers, or submit to agents.

You’ll also be able to move onto some of those others stories and projects you’ve been eager to dive into!


Finish your novel

14th February

5pm – 7pm (GMT)

In this FREE two hour Zoom Masterclass you will learn the key components that will give you a solid footing to finish your novel.

Tune in to enjoy a series of curated writing prompts that will help you launch a new idea, find momentum with a first draft or edit a current manuscript.

Discover the secret to remaining focused and finding the space to write.

Gain confidence in your ability.

Have the clarity of mind to overcome doubts.

There will also be time to share, ask questions and receive feedback.

I’ve learned so much from Gabriela. I encourage anyone who wants to up their creative game to attend her workshops!

Maria Koropecky, Writer and Coach

If you want to make sure that you finish your novel, come and join us on Monday 14th February, from 5pm – 7pm (GMT)

“Gabriela’s a great listener as well as empathetic, and compassionate. I appreciated her directness and that she has very clearly done a huge amount of work on herself so she is able to hold the space and keep the focus on the client, a rare gift.”


Penny, London, Film Maker and Writer