“Fail Proof”

Wednesday 3rd June, 6pm-8pm BST

In this Masterclass You Will:

Create a Fail Proof Goal and Design a strategy to Achieve it. 

The reason there aren’t more Writers and Freelancers who feel productive and financially rewarded, isn’t because they don’t have the talent, or the time…

As Writers, Freelancers and Creative Experts, our work relies on our mind, our imagination, and our thoughts.

When we learn how to coordinate our mind with our desires, we become PRODUCTIVE, FULFILLED and FINANCIALLY REWARDED.

“It was helpful to think about all these things! I’m often obsessing about one thought, sometimes for months, and find it difficult to let go…”

Denisa, Writer

A Masterclass on Goals

Do you find yourself procrastinating without understanding why, unable to stop?

Perhaps, you dream of being a full time freelancer, but don’t know where to begin? 

Maybe you have a dream! The problem is the dream seems impossible… 

Or, it might be you’d like to make consistent money from writing and other creative work.

Whether you have half a novel, languishing in the drawer, or a vision of transforming the way companies brand themselves, learning how to make your future Fail Proof is a wonderful tool to have in your utility belt. 

Create a Fail Proof GOAL

Design a STRATEGY to ACHIVE it.

Come join us online at 6pm Wednesday 3rd June.

“It helps to see so many other people having these same issues as mine — that I’m not the only one struggling.”

Anna, Art Writer, Editor and Curator

Learn how to MASTER the “Fail Proof Attitude” 

A Masterclass on Goals

See YOUR POTENTIAL through a “Fail Proof Lens”

Fail Proof the Steps needed to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS! 

From £50

  3RD June 

A Masterclass on Goals

“I absolutely loved this one Gabriela! It was good to get to clear waters in my mind.”

Ann, Short Story Writer

These Masterclasses are designed to bring an ease to your thinking and ways of seeing.

Through curated writing prompts based on the mentally transformative principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming, you will be able to STEP FREE of any “mental burdens” that might be holding you back, right now.

NLP enables us to dissolve unhelpful thought patterns, and design new levels of productivity that match our potential.

Wednesday June 3rd, 6pm-8pm 

See you there, Gabriela x

“I found this session really useful…it helped me realise a bit more what my goal is…I feel much more ready to keep going towards it.”

Jennifer, Freelance PR Manager and Copywriter