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‘It was an excellent non-writing, writing workshop and I cannot recommend it strongly enough.’ 

Elvire, Poet

Free Mindset Coaching for Writers in London: 18th April

We rely on our minds to bring us visions of possibility. By dismissing those visions, we’re writing off an enriched future, choosing to remain in the same narrow loop of existence. My Mindset techniques will help you understand that your thoughts can generate the reality you actually want, rather than simply providing a noisy backdrop to your day!

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#writenomatterwhat comes to Nottingham in March! We will be looking at LOVE! Are you ready to fall in love with your writing? Make 2019 a year to build a meaningful connection with your writing practice. Come to your WIP with all the enthusiasm that you would come to...

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What is #writenomatterwhat?

Write, no matter what – or #writenomatterwhat – is a writing campaign launched by Mindset Coach Gabriela Blandy in order to help writers overcome fear and procrastination and develop a regular writing practice that works for them.

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