I will often discuss the notion of being ‘asleep’ with my Life Coaching clients when looking at how they can achieve success, but what does this mean?

Have you ever driven somewhere and, at a certain point in your journey, looked at the scenery around you and thought, ‘woah, how did I get here?’ aware that you can’t remember the last three roundabouts that you came over?

This is being ‘asleep’: caught up in our thoughts to such an extent that we cease to see, and interact with, the world around us.

The reason we manged to come over those roundabouts without crashing is because our sub-conscious takes over in this state. This is the part of the brain built on memory. This means that the longer we spend ‘asleep’, the more we relive the patterns of our past, rather than taking action on our current dreams and desires.
What does it achieve when we are lost to thought? We dwell on days that are long gone, or moments that are yet to come, when we could be in the present, taking vital steps towards lasting happiness.

I recall missing an exit on a motorway last year. I noticed, just as I passed it by, this little reminder that said, ‘wake up, Gabriela! For here is a lost opportunity.’

Just because I’m a Life Coach, doesn’t mean I don’t fall asleep from time to time, but my own personal development practice helps this to remain at a minimum, and enables me to take the learning from each situation, when it happens.

I’m always building on my ability to sleep when I want to sleep, and remain alert when I need to respond to the world around me so that I can move my life forward in a way that serves my destiny.

This means that when I’m dreaming my future, I’m actually envisaging what I truly want, rather than reliving the same nightmares of my past, always missing that exit sign that will lead to the life I deserve.

Often, we think we’re dreaming of success, but really we’re playing a worn film reel in the back of our heads of all the things we’d really love, but feel are out of reach, or unattainable, or made impossible by the circumstances of our lives.

Life Coaching brings that essential moment of lucidity or self-awareness. Suddenly, we begin to watch this chain of thought, rather than speeding along, unable to stop. We notice, ‘Hmmm, everything appears just out of reach, not quite possible’ and then we remember. WAKE UP!

We open our eyes, just in time, to see that the signs have been there, only we’ve been driving straight past them.
We accept our perceptions in life just the same as we accept the circumstances of a night-time dream, until the alarm goes off and we realise that our teeth aren’t falling out, the roof is still on the house, our partner hasn’t turned into a goldfish, and we do have a very real choice.

Awake, we can start dreaming of success in a conscious way. I love to go through this practice both with myself and my clients. We meet on a blank canvas and start to sketch how life is going to look from now on. We go over bits, rub out, replace. We notice when we have fallen into a sleep-state where everything feels unfeasible and all we are painting is the impossible.

And always, my work is to nudge you awake. Watch the road. Spot your exit.

Are you ready to wake up?