There was a time in my life when I didn’t believe. If a friend had said, ‘just have faith you can become the writer you want to be,’ I’d have felt irritated. I would have wanted them to understand why it was so challenging for me. ‘Look, it might be easy for you to have faith in what you do,’ I might have said. ‘But it’s frustrating for me.’

As I sit here, on a Sunday morning, fully engaged with my writing practice, it’s interesting to remember what was going on in my mind, back then. What had me saying, ‘please understand why I can’t believe,’ rather than choosing to believe I could be the writer I wanted?

It comes down to the importance of finding our own way. If I’m in a pit and someone is looking down at me from the top, saying, ‘you can do it!’ what’s there to induce me to believe them?

‘Um, how on earth can I do it?’ I might be thinking, which will then start my brain rationalising they clearly have something I don’t. If I can’t see a way to believe, then I’m simply not going to. How can I? Maybe I get angry. I just want them to piss off. No one has ever been in a pit like this. Ever.

The place to start is not for me to tell all you writers out there to ‘have faith!’

Firstly, I need to find out if you want to climb out of the pit. Perhaps you don’t.

Or, maybe you do. Yes, you want the have the courage and dedication to write, but you don’t know where to begin.

My clients will start by saying, ‘I want out,’ or ‘I want this’.

At this stage, it’s way too soon for me to suddenly say, ‘great! BELIEVE, and it will happen.’ They’d stare at me, wondering what the hell they’re paying me for.

The first moment we realise we want change, or we need to do something different, is like heading to the fuse box when the lights go out. In fact, just back up a little to the instant you suddenly discover you’re in darkness (the lights most likely will have been out for some time). In a second of clarity we realise: ‘wait a second, what happened to the lights?!’

So, we head to the fuse box, thinking, ‘yes, I want out of this pit of darkness and into a life that will inspire me to create, to live, to laugh, to write.’ We flip the switch, but because of an error in the wiring, it doesn’t stay. It flips back. This demonstrates the effect of our thoughts – the moment we want to choose the light, versus the heavy habit of not believing we can.

We have to explore and find that glitch in the wiring. There may be more than one. It may take a year. But that’s the point of Coaching, as opposed to, say, cheerleading – cue pom-poms, ‘you totally can!’

Working with a Coach ensures it does only take a year, that you stick at it, that someone is helping every step of the way. Imagine a year today where you’ve full belief in yourself to become the writer you aspire to be. Here, you are in a place where you’re able to commit to your writing and write, because not achieving your dreams is no longer an option.

It actually takes work to believe in ourselves – there’s a lot of mental programming that we have to undo. But when we get there, the terrain really flattens out!


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