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make a living from your creativity!

Choose from my 30 day program, or one of my CREATIVE UNLEASHED memberships and discover how to make an impact and an income. 

“30 Days for your Creative Dreams”

Looking to overcome creative blocks and unleash your mind? This program might be for you.

“I have just completed the first full week of the 30 Day challenge. To say I am loving it is an understatement.”

Donna, Life Coach, Nottingham

Creative Unleashed

It’s like a gym membership for your imagination (and your career)!

Creative Unleashed
Creative Unleashed
Creative Unleashed

The progressing CreativE


This is for the creative who has a love of writing and want to develop a consistent practice and finish a book

It could be that you dream of writing and publishing a book, or keeping up a widely read blog and understand the benefit of support. Perhaps you’ve started a project, but you’re struggling to finish.

The Progressing Creative will give you access to expert help from writers, agents and editors, enabling you to make a living from your writing.

“Your warm support pulled me out of a rut. There is so much content out there about sports psychology, but so little about the psychology of writing. It was so helpful to talk about the process of writing, not in terms of craft but in terms of habits and mindset, and sitting down to work.”

Hannah, Author of ‘The Defections’, California

The Impactful CreativE


This is for the creative who wants to reach a wider audience and bring in consistent sales. 

The Impactful Creative dreams of sharing their ideas and empowering others through books, services or products. If you’re interested in marketing yourself in a unique way that gives you control over your income, this membership is for you.

The Impactful Creative is interested in challenging themselves as well as helping others. Have the support you need to reach people with your words, images, or message, and sell authentically!

One day to go till my debut memoir No Place to Lie is out. It would never have been in print if it wasn’t for super writing coach goddess Gabriela Blandy. Thank you for everything – the support, the on-point questions, the inspiration.”

Helen, Courage Builder, Author, Trainer, Speaker




Are you a creative dreaming of growing a unique, soulful business offering guidance, education or meaningful services and love to indulge your imagination – be it through social media content, products, or writing projects?

Through this program you will learn how to express yourself, lead with passion, and sell with soul. You will also find out how to overcome money blocks and unleash your inner genius to create an income that feels magical!

Whether you want to design an online course, write a one-woman show, or offer jaw-dropping services, this membership will help you alter lives and create a heart-centred revolution!

Gabriela is a terrific coach. She supported me to crystalise my thinking on the future I wanted to create. I left my very senior corporate job and chose to carve out a new path by setting up a consultancy (and also training to become a coach) – it’s gone from strength to strength.

Sereena, Inclusion and Diversity Consultant, Bristol