Creative Unleashed online programs

One small change can dramatically shift our trajectory and outcome!

I offer 3 Transformational, Online Programs for Writers and Creative Professionals

Creative unleashed 30 day program 

This is a perfect program for those of you who have hit a wall, a patch of doubt that’s holding you back, or a familiar obstacle that you’d like to get over, once and for all. 

Creative Unleashed

“The four areas in my life that I’ve been concentrating on have come along in leaps and bounds.  Nearly everyday I’m patting myself on the back for moving forwards.”

Alison, Writer

Creative Unleashed Group Package 

Have you always dreamed of working for yourself?

Do you like the feeling of financial security?

Creative Unleashed Group

“I loved last night’s topic on time. The strategies last night for overcoming stuckness were very helpful.”


Creative Unleashed One-to-one mentoring. 

 This would be worth exploring if you are committed to a freelance career, or business venture, with a regular monthly income between 2k and 10k, and a life that enables you to work on fulfilling creative projects. If you want to say “HELL YEAH!” to a creative future on your own financial and emotional terms, then mentoring can support you on that journey. 

Trust me, this could quite possibly be the biggest conversation you get to have today. 

Your workshop has been wonderful and I have been writing for 20 minutes a day ever since. Thank you for being so inspirational and for all you are doing to make the world a better place. I appreciate you!

Christine, Author of ‘All the Silent Spaces’, a memoir about becoming whole again after sexual violence.