Who is your favourite fictional character?

What if you could create an equally memorable personality?


How to write great characters

Everything you need to know about character!

Whether you’re writing a series, or a standalone piece, you’re going to want to know how to create a character that has life beyond the page. Give your words immortality through the personalities you conjure up!

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Your characters will become mythical! 

How to write great characters

There are the protagonists who make us cry and those who frustrate us, yet we can’t give up on them.

Learn all you need to know about character!

Everything you need to know about character! 

This 120 minute, Industry Professional Q & A offers support and expert advice for you to explore your creative aspirations. Have your questions answered, and receive the guidance you need to take your career to the next level.

Jess Richards combines page-turning narrative with a startlingly original voice. She is the author of three novels. Her debut, Snake Ropes, was shortlisted for the Costa First Novel award. Her third novel, City of Circles, was shortlisted for the Kitschies Awards and shows a beautiful flair for world-building. Subverter of myths, creator of unforgettable worlds, Jess is a master storyteller!

Thursday 24th September @5pm bst


How to write great characters

“Gabriela’s class was a real pleasure to talk to – it was an inspiring and engaging evening I was proud to be a part of. Writing can be scary and lonely, with many barriers to entry, so being able to discuss our experiences frankly and show that it can be done is really important. Gabriela’s warmth and inclusivity made for a fantastic class, the buzz was palpable!””

Sophie Mackintosh, Booker Shortlisted Author of ‘The Water Cure’