The Creative Unleashed Blueprint

Creative Unleashed

All the steps to create a fulfilling life and financially rewarding career!

The Creative entrepreneur is brave, digilant and willing

Your aprenticeship will take place over the course of 12 months, through a combination of Masterclasses, Live Videos, Group Coaching, Masterclass Retreats and One-to-One guidance. 

The Creative Entrepreneur is PURPOSEFUL and DISRUPTIVE

Creative Unleashed Blueprint

Train your mind to see an original career path and blaze a crowd-worthy trail.

Learn how to shape your life and career from your creativity and imagination. Create your ideal working week. Meet resistance. Discover the art of ‘Effective Action’. Practice powerful tools to see beneficial results.    

The Creative Entrepreneur presents themselves

Creative Unleashed Blueprint

build a social media platform with a loyal following through the art of connection 

Create your brand and design your social media ‘voice’ and videos. Learn the art of growing a network on LinkedIn with regular content and engagement. Meet fear, learn how to overcome obstacles. Practice powerful habits of regular writing and content creation to bring the levels of success you desire.    

The Creative Entrepreneur SERVES POWERFULLY

Creative Unleashed Blueprint

Design your ‘offering’, set your price. Make an impact and an income.

Clarify how you serve your audience and your clients and customers. Learn the difference between ‘The Irresistable Free Offer’ and your ‘Price Tag Project’. Learn how to talk about what you do. Meet doubt, forget procrastination. Practice powerful tools that allow you to see in the dark and turn confusion into insight.    

The Creative Entrepreneur knows their Audience

#WriteNoMatterWhat Membership

Create an ‘Ideal Client Avatar’.  Understand the people you want to serve.

Know your audience in and out. Discover the key way to ‘meet’ your clients and readers where they are, and how to take them on a journey at their pace. Impact and move people with your words, and ‘intentionally curate’ their experience.     

The Creative Entrepreneur has a loyal network interested in buying

Creative Unleashed

Create ‘Lead Generating’ Events and multiply your email list subscribers.

Offer irresistible value to your tribe. Host engaging, online events. Hone your public speaking techniques. Dive into Facebook Lives, Interviewing on LinkedIn and creating funnels from YouTube. Learn the art of email marketing.     

The Creative Entrepreneur SELLS WITH SOUL

Creative Unleashed Blueprint

‘The Authentic Close’: Create CLients without sleezy selling or manipulation.

Learn the techniques of a sales conversation – whether through blogging, speaking, or video. Design online talks and live experiences that generate sales. Create your ‘Signature Sales Talk’, and your video scripts.

The Creative Entrepreneur STICKS TO THE PLAN!

Creative Unleashed Blueprint

Develop a strategic and achievable plan to stay Productive and on track with your goals.

Develop a reliable creative practice. Follow a work schedule that feels right and works around holidays, family time and rest. Upgrade your habits to match your financial and creative dreams. Learn how to take daily action, juggle projects without losing focus. Shine bright without burning out.  

The Creative Entrepreneur grows through LEVERAGE

Creative Unleashed Blueprint

Collaboration not competition: learn the benefit of networking, and create partnerships.

Here’s where you leverage your network and those surrounding creatives in your field to grow your audience to the next level, boost sales and engagement. 

Creative Unleashed

One-to-one supervision,
Weekly Masterclasses, Live Videos, Group Coaching and Masterclass Retreats.

The monthly schedule covers all four Creative Unleashed Principles for Self Mastery.

Inner work

Inner Work 

Creative Unleashed


Creative Unleashed


Creative Unleashed


Where do you REALLY want to be in 12 months?
£575 per month,
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