Creative Unleashed: Creativity and Genius unlocked


It could be that you want to publish a book, but progress is painfully slow. Perhaps you want to be a full time author, but you’re struggling to prioritise your time. 

The Creative Explorer package has been designed to support your dream of being a fulfilled creative, enabling you to overcome procrastination and let go of self doubt.

Over the course of 3 months, you will receive our ‘CURATED CONTENT’ via email. Each new email will contain videos and worksheets that are designed to keep you focused and to make learning simple. 

The CREATIVE EXPLORER package will help you regain motivation and confidence so that you can take that next step towards making a living from your creativity.

During your 3 month package, you will also be able to enjoy exclusive access to the Creative Unleashed private community and our two, live writing sessions per month. 


A 3 Month package including:




Overcome blocks, develop a consistent writing routine and UNLEASH YOUR MIND!


Tune into to two, live writing sessions with our other members (or watch the recording in your own time). 

Receive two, hour long, videos designed to teach you how to ‘UPGRADE’ your brain so it starts working for the future you wish to create

Begin a 30 day program to open your mind and calm your body.

Daily videos will help you develop a writing routine and clarify your dreams. 

“I’m loving the daily connection with my dream, and am having useful breakthroughs.”

Sean, Writer 


Enjoy two, hour-long videos:

Learn a simple process to transform fear that you can use again and again.

Heal self doubt and tap into the motivating energy of desire.

Tune into to two, live writing sessions with our other members (or watch the recording in your own time).

Not only do I feel in the right frame of mind, but I have an extra hour every day to do stuff.”

Rick, Scripwriter and Director

Learn the art of ‘Journaling for Change’ with our transformative Worksheets.

Our worksheets are designed to stretch your mind to reach your dreams.


Tune into to two, live writing sessions with our other members (or watch the recording in your own time). 

This video Masterclass will help reprogram your brain to use time in a new way.

Learn how to free yourself from the ‘negative narrative’ of life.

#WriteNoMatterWhat Membership

Change your entire relationship with procrastination with our powerful ‘Journaling for Peace’ Worksheet.

I am learning that the most important thing is the practice, to keep going, to keep nurturing that dream, that is the only way to reach there.

Karlina, Writer, Coach and Warrior Princess 


Two hourlong videos to upgrade your brain.

30 daily videos to open your mind and build a writing routine.

Videos and worksheets to transform fear and heal self doubt.

Worksheets to bring about powerful change.

Two LIVE meditation and writing sessions each month.

Guidance to help you overcome procrastination and master time.


It all seems to be working splendidly.”

Don, Writer

Ready to overcome blocks, develop a consistent writing routine and unleash your mind?  

Make three monthly payments of £235

Pay the full package amount in advance and save £125

Once you sign up for your Creative Explorer package, you will be redirected to our Membership ‘sign up’ page to submit your details. This enables us to start sending your ‘Curated Content’ via email. 

You will also be given access to our private Facebook Group where you will be able to tune into two, live meditation and writing sessions each month, or watch the recording in your own time. 

Still unsure?

No worries! Why not drop me an email and let me know what I can help with!