I’d never really thought of myself as an introvert – perhaps because I associated that word with shyness, and I didn’t feel shy.

Besides, didn’t I thrive under the spotlight? Wasn’t I the one to come alive in company?

I never knew that what makes me an introvert was also what makes me want to stand on stage and speak.

Wondering how much time to spend on which platforms and how to be effective in the limited time you have?

To me, the word introvert is a reminder that there are some times when I need to come within myself. Alone time. This is a very precious time for me where I do literally ‘invert’ myself. I need to feel deeply alone to do this. 

Negotiating this nature within me, as well as leading Creative Unleashed my online community, feels like a wonderful balance to the urges that I feel within me. As much as I feel the call to stand before hundreds of people and hold there attention, I also feel the call of being totally alone, in nature, surrounded by silence. 


Two Content creation strategies

1. Journal on how you like to feel when you are alone. What time of day is it? Where are you? In what way could you share this with your audience? Think of three pieces of content that would share this with your followers.

2. Journal on how you feel with others and what makes that important. Now, think of three ways that you could share these feelings and opions with your audience. 


In a pickle with your content?

If you’re creating content for your business or your brand and you don’t feel certain about it, then it might be that you need to clarify your ‘Foundations’. I like to think of creating content as a level in a building. If that level isn’t bringing the results you want, getting engagement, or inspiring people to reach out and ask about your services, this usually means there’s a crack in your foundation. 

I use three pillars to my content creation foundation:

Purpose, Platform and People. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can watch my masterclass right now. 


When you think about promoting yourself do you experience mental Block?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What have you found to be the most helpful advice that you have received when it comes to selling books? What has been the worst?

As always, wishing you creative contentment.

Gabriela x