#writenomatterwhat comes to Nottingham in March!

We will be looking at LOVE!

Are you ready to fall in love with your writing? Make 2019 a year to build a meaningful connection with your writing practice. Come to your WIP with all the enthusiasm that you would come to a lover. Discover how to nurture yourself and your words in order to become the writer you aspire to be.

More about Mindset Coaching and #writenomatterwhat

Ideas, inspiration and solutions all lie within us. Believing there is a moment of powerlessness along the trail to find them is the equivalent of taking a map of a clear, straight road and drawing a ditch halfway along.

#writenomatterwhat is a campaign to inspire writers involving free events and paid coaching packages. There are also weekly YouTube videos: Gabriela takes a typewriter to a new location in order to write for ten minutes on a one-word writing prompt before reading to camera.

The free, #writenomatterwhat evenings, enable Mindset Coaching for Writers to be available to all. Please see the packages page for information on all the ‘Write, no Matter What’ coaching packages, including one to one coaching, Group Sessions and the Self-Study program.

The sessions are designed to help participants develop a creative practice that works for them. Here, you will discover how to bring your dreams into the world around you. You will build skills of self-awareness to see beyond any limitations you might have come to accept about your daily routine. Explore the unknown without a fear of failing. See those perfect ideas that have crept unnoticed in a room of other, louder thoughts. Find where your confidence has been hiding and learn how to write, no matter what.

Join award-winning writer and qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner Gabriela Blandy for sessions that will enable you to be the writer you deserve.

Bring your notepads and be ready to participate. You will not be asked to share anything you have written.

To book a free Discovery Call, and find out how One to One Mindset Coaching can help you write, no matter what and become the writer you deserve to be, click here.

This could be the year you finally write just the way you want