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Join us for the next creative unleashed three day masterclass retreat and discover Business Bliss:

If you’re dreaming of a creative life and career that’s free, authentic, impactful and rewarding, let’s make that happen.

Business bliss

A Three Day, Online Retreat for Writers and Creative Entrepreneurs. 

Friday 19th March, 5pm to 7pm GMT

Saturday 20th March, 12pm to 6pm gmt 

Sunday 21st March, 12pm to 6pm GMT

The Business Bliss Online Retreat will clarify what you’re doing with your life and career and give you a clear strategy to grow and engage an audience and sell with soul.

Perhaps you have a product or service, but are finding it difficult to be authentic with your audience or clients. 

It might be you’re exploring the possibility of a creative career and want guidance as you decide what you might sell, or how you might make money from your creativity.

Discover who your potential customers or readers might be, and how you can market and interact with them in a genuine way.

Friday 19th March, 5pm to 7pm GMT

In this introductory evening, we explore what  you’re selling, or want to sell. Whether you’re stuck with too many idea, or don’t know where to start, this session is designed to bring you the clarity and energy you need to move forward. 

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st March

March 12pm to 6pm gmt 

Over these two days you will take part in sessions designed to help you know your audience and how to speak to them.
Discover how to sell in a way that is filled with soul.
Practice your online speaking and presenting skills in preparation for you launching your own online event.

Writing retreat

During the Creative unleashed

masterclass Retreat, you will

Take part in visualisation and journalling exercises to clarify your thoughts around the products or services you’re currently selling, or would like to sell.

You will also be invited to present short talks throughout the retreat in order to hone your speaking and presenting skills in preparation for hosting your own unique gathering. Whether you want to bring people together and chat more about what you do in order to grow a community, or you are selling products or services, mastering the art of being able to talk about what you do gives you the ability to conduct business in bliss. 

Business Bliss

Creative Unleashed Blueprint

Learn all about selling with soul and giving with heart.

Find your customers.

Host a unique online gathering. 

Unleash your creativity and be seen.

“Thank you so much for the programme – it’s completely transformed my writing practice (and family life) and it’s been a real privilege to go through the process and watch the shifts in my attitude and actions.  I feel inspired and empowered and ready for the next phase.”

Jo, YA Author and Storyteller

Business bliss

Join us online for three days and learn:

How to stand in the spotlight as well as focus on your audience.

The difference between pleasing others and pleasing yourself.

The simple way to end the frustration of trying to get people’s attention or find customers. 

Two key differences between results and failures, and the failproof way to making progress.

What it really means to create a product, experience or service that people want.

The art of soulful selling.

How to design your own unique online gathering, complete with script (if you want one!). 

The three day retreat will be hosted on Zoom, starting at 5pm on Friday 19th March for an introductory two hour session. Participants will have an opportunity to meet and clarify goals.

During the weekend sessions there will be screen and snack breaks.

Participants can hope to finish the retreat with a renewed sense of what they are doing in their career, with key ideas on how to speak to those in their community, or work environment, in a way that feels authentic. 

You will also have designed a short speech for your unique online gathering with a focused sense of what you are selling and how to achieve results. 

Business bliss

Friday 19th March, 5pm to 7pm GMT

Saturday 20th March, 12pm to 6pm gmt 

Sunday 21st March, 12pm to 6pm GMT

“I know it’s your job but your non judgement really helps facilitate personal understanding. It enables me to be truthful and honest with myself.
I’m grateful you are my coach. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do..”

Virginia, Shamanic Practitioner