Become divine and achieve your soul’s creative purpose.

These retreats can either be experienced one-to-one, or as a group of 2-4 people. 

Heal the past|Learn how to love|step into your divine destiny

The life you keep dreaming of is waiting for you.

Each retreat below is priced as a one-to-one experience.

They can also be enjoyed in a group of 2-4 participants.


Gabriela Blandy Retreats

The vision quest

Enjoy a calming journey through nature, and learn to receive the wisdom of the trees. The Vision Quest is perfect for healing specific aspects of the past that are holding you back. It’s also the perfect way to find clarity, or experience a shift in energy. Whether you’re looking for a practical solution, or a divine experience, nature is a wonderful teacher.

Receive new levels of insight from outside the box, and rewire your brain for lasting change.

Through this experience you will understand the skills you need to move forward at this point in your life and career. 

Vision Quests take place on the 3rd Monday of the month on land nead Stonehenge – one of the best known ancient wonders of the world.

The Quests begin at midday. Participants step into a Ceremony of Intention, which prepares the brain to release and refocus. This is a powerful practice in itself, where you will learn to see beyond everyday thoughts and clarify the wisdom you’re seeking.

This is followed by guided time in nature. Journey into the forest, and learn how to listen to nature’s guidance. 

Participants will then journey into a space of safe, silent, solitude to enjoy a private experience.

The Vision Quest is completed with an intimate sharing circle and integration of the experience.

One-to-one Vision Quest – £750 (or £425 for members of Creative Unleashed).

For groups of a maximum of 4, please email once you have made your booking with the amount of participants attending.

Quests take place from 12pm – 5pm UK time on the 3rd Monday of the Month.  

My writing, and my life, are changed forever. There is BG, Before Gabs, and AG, After Gabs. I am so grateful to live in a world in which Gabriela exists and gives of herself to her clients.

Kerrin, Writer and Small Business Owner, California

Gabriela blandy fire ceremony

The Awaken Fire Ceremony

A fire ceremony is a powerful practice used to release unhelpful connections or attachments to the past, making space for a new way of being in your life now.

When we become an apprentice of fire wisdom, we learn to burn away hindrances and blocks. We also discover how to illuminate our psyche, giving us a vision for our future.

Release past weight, gain insight over a current issue, or experience a divine message with the Awaken Fire Ceremony.  

THE AWAKEN FIRE CEREMONY begins at 5pm where participants step into the Ceremony of Surrender. Here, we soften the mind’s hold over us, bringing our attention to the more physical experience we have of our Self.

There will then be a guided visualisation to begin the process of bringing up that which needs to be sacredly burned in the fire.

Participants will then build the fire and step into ceremony, allowing the fire wisdom to teach us a new vision to hold.

This is followed by an intimate sharing circle and integration of the experience.

The Fire Ceremonies take place in Salisbury on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month from 5pm – 9pm.

One-to-one Fire Ceremony – £650 (or £325 for members of Creative Unleashed).

For groups of a maximum of 4, please email once you have made your booking with the amount of participants attending. 

Gabriela is on the top of her game. The experience suggested that in her I have a crystal clear mirror and a mighty, dedicated mentor who can hand me whatever tool I needed next. I can only recommend her highly.

Alicia, Communication Officer, London

gabriela blandy become divine

Step into your Soul’s Purpose with a bespoke one-to-one overnight retreat

Join me on an overnight experience in the New Forest.

Reset’ your body and mind in order to tap back into a place of calm. 

Transform’ your habits and thinking to take your life to a place that feels free.

Or, ‘Brainstorm’ your brand and business so that you can achieve a level of sustainable success.

Gabriela Blandy has a true gift for guiding creatives through their own minds.

Rosemary Davison, Serial Novelist on Patreon