“Authentic Storytelling”

Wednesday 24th June, 6pm-8pm BST

In this Masterclass You Will:

– Tap into your UNIQUE VOICE 
– Learn how to BRING YOUR MAGIC to the page
– Discover your MARKET.

“Gabriela can turn negatives into positives and has some great tips. Well worth it!”

Bethan, Freelance Writer & Self Published Author

Authentic voice

Do you find yourself wishing you knew how to unlock your voice, or put your ALL into your writing?

Perhaps, you dream of having an impact, but don’t know how to communicate your message and create ‘raving fans’. 

Maybe you feel blocked: you have an idea, but you’re concerned you won’t do it justice. 

Or, it might be you’re not sure how to write a story you feel proud of.

Whether you have half a novel, languishing in the drawer, or a vision of changing the world, learning the ropes of AUTHENTIC STORYTELLING will transform your writing and your results. 

Tap into your natural voice

Bring your magic to the page.

Come join us online at 6pm Wednesday 24th June.

Anyone creative should attend this workshop as it will give you that extra push and guidance to start and grow your dream career.”

Charmelle, Writer and Media Sales Executive

The Masterclass guest speaker!

A Masterclass on Goals

Anna has worked as an agent at the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency and was an editor at Corvus. She has worked on adult fiction across all genres and has an inteterest in wellness and mindfulness. 


Decide WHO you’re speaking to and HOW you reach them.


From £65

  24TH June 

Authentic voice

“I absolutely loved this one Gabriela! It was good to get to clear waters in my mind.”

Ann, Short Story Writer

These Masterclasses are designed to bring an ease to your thinking and ways of seeing.

Through curated writing prompts based on the mentally transformative principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming, you will be able to STEP FREE of any “mental burdens” that might be holding you back, right now.

NLP enables us to dissolve unhelpful thought patterns, and design new levels of productivity that match our potential.

Wednesday June 24th, 6pm-8pm 

See you there, Gabriela and Anna x

“I was very impressed by your expertise and the depth of your insight and perception, and it seems you have built an impressive and welcoming space for writers to thrive in.”

Beverley, Freelance Writer and Editor