Thursday May 14th

“Authentic Confidence”

What if the one area we lack confidence is the same area we want to excel in?

In this session on “AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE”, we look at how to become the person who has what it takes to achieve their dreams.

Tap into the necessary Self Belief that will enable you to develop a consistent and productive writing routine.


@ 5.30pm


Thursday, May 14th


“This was the equivalent for me of walking on a beautiful beach — where you breathe and remember who you are and your dreams. Since none of us can do that now, this was perfect!”

Elizabeth Elford, Freelance Writer

Discover the MINDSET that will transform your imagination into a powerful and reliable asset.

Learn how to move past any thoughts that say, ‘you’re not enough…’

Access your greatest attributes, your HIDDEN GOLD! 

 Online @ 5.30pm

Thursday, April 14th


“I can’t think of anyone kinder, more intelligent or perceptive than Gabriela to guide someone through the art of writing – and living.”

Miranda France, Writer and Translator