When you work with me you’re saying “I want the very best for myself”,

you’re saying, “I want to write WHAT I want, WHEN I want”!


I’m Gabriela

An award-winning Writer, qualified Life Coach,
NLP Practitioner, Public Speaker, Performer & Vlogger.
If you’re ambitious,
and writing plays a part in achieving your big dreams,
then I’m here to help!

In the fifteen years I’ve been working with writers, entrepreneurs and creatives I’ve noticed the same thing, coming up again and again:

It doesn’t matter how much how much talent lies within you if you don’t
believe in yourself enough to get your butt on that chair and unleash it!

My process enables my clients to find the courage to write what they really want to write, knowing how to tap into motivation so they build a regular writing habit.

Gabriela has been my coach for the best part of two years and there’s a reason I continue to seek out her support, time and time again.”

Donna, Development Consultant

A lot of people ask:
“What led you to start working as a mindset coach for writers…?”

The short answer is that I wanted to provide the loyal encouragement and nurturing that I wish I’d had,
as I was trying to find my way as a writer, entrepreneur and ambitious creative.

And the long answer…?

Because of the ups and downs I experienced as I found my place in the world, and the knowledge I picked up along the way, I feel drawn to help others with their own unique journeys.

My purpose is to enable you to find a voice (where you thought there was silence), so that you can articulate a feeling that up until now seemed hard to define.

Throughout my life I have felt a powerful urge to express myself, tell stories, entertain, communicate and connect. In my mid twenties, I was working as an actress. I went to an audition for a commercial, which turned out to be for the Ann Summers, Rampant Rabbit Vibrator…The experience was not what I had expected!

As I left that audition, I thought to myself, ‘yes, I’m a creative person and a hard worker, but there has to be a better way to find fulfillment.’ 

Part of the journey we make in life and our careers is discovering
how we want to express ourselves,
the medium we want our words to take,
how we want to reach and inspire our audience.
I wish I’d had someone to guide me along the way!

As I was trying to find my place in the world, I felt challenged. I’d had such disparate experiences and this troubled me. I had a degree in History, a love of performance, yoga and dance. I’d lived in Mexico, Australia, visited New York several times and couldn’t give up travelling! I wanted to be my own boss, and I knew that I had to write, but was afraid to commit to a new venture.

Where was I was going to begin? And how could I get clear about my gifts so that I was utilising them in the best way possible?


The joy of finding my purpose, my strategy to success, moves me to want to pay it forward and help others.

It’s such a relief to have found my purpose in the world. Now I know where and how to direct my ambition. I can also rely on my writing to support and further my career, and I am able to trust my instincts and my imagination to keep delivering.

It’s such a pleasure to help others find this sweet spot of productivity, self-belief and courageous expression too!

Or, ‘she displays simultaneous control and whimsy’ as one of my first editors remarked!

I have a Masters in Creative Writing, for which I was given Distinction. I’ve been awarded the Royal Society of Literature V S Pritchett Prize. I’m published by Virago alongside writers I  worship: Daphne du Maurier, Sarah Waters. I’m an accredited Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. I’ve hosted hundreds of literary events, taught on over a dozen Creative Writing Masters Programs, managed a retreat for writers.


What I love, more than anything, is making videos with my red typewriter! 

It’s only when we’re precise about what we want that we have a chance of achieving our dreams. If we pass through life with a vague desire for something, we’re torturing ourselves – walking the desert of frustration while our aspirations remain as a mirage because we’re not committing to developing the relationship we have with our writing.

I’m here to work with you, if you’re ready to commit. And you must be ready because there’s a steep climb ahead. The other option is to stay where you are. I did that for a while, so I know what it’s like!  

I also know that: accepting negative feelings about our writing and our ambitions is the worst disservice we can do to ourselves as creatives and entrepreneurs.

There’s a reason you want to write.

That urge is trying to guide you into a place of joyful creation, career advancement, business success. By procrastinating, you’re curbing the beat of your own heart. 

Resistance is not a sign of how hard writing is.
See it as a reminder, a little alarm, calling for greater clarity on how writing fits into your life.

The clients who work with me privately know how much I work with them to bring about this clarity. It’s not enough to wish for a completed novel, the ability to express yourself in the way you want, courage to write, or a regular routine. You have to know why that’s essential for you. How your life will change as a result. All the ways you will feel when you have reached your goal. And so much more. 

Are you living the dream of wanting to be a writer, or are you writing?

The two are so very different, but are confused far too many times so that the understanding is that writing is hard, or a struggle, or a herculean act of time management, when really it’s about being certain of where you’re trying to get to.

Whether you’re trying to produce consistent blogs or newsletters, make progress on a novel, write poetry or improve your ability to communicate with words, once you know the value of writing – what it brings to you, how you can meet the task with joy, here is where you find you are able to WRITE, no matter what!


Let me help you give substance to your vision!

I want for you to realise the power of clarity because without it you will fall short. Without specific co-ordinates, the brain will simply keep doing what it’s always done, which is why you will find yourself engrossed in the same daily routines, wondering why you’re not making progress, or worse, carrying the guilt for letting your writing-time diminish and your full potential always fall short.

“When I first discussed the idea of a block of coaching sessions with Gabriela, there was a pretty big voice in my head saying ‘can you really justify spending several hundred quid on this?’ But I can honestly say that this has been a tremendously valuable experience, which I don’t think I could have achieved in any other way. I’m so glad I listened to the other wee voice inside my head saying, ‘you can do this’. The process of discovering and challenging my engrained thinking patterns, which sideline my ambition and work as a writer, has been a building experience. Like being rebuilt from the inside, making my defences stronger, supporting my ambition and hopes for myself and for what I can achieve. Thanks Gabriela.”

Iain, Psychiatrist and Playwright 

All of my free content – the Wednesday blog, my ‘Five Minute Monday’ YouTube video, my private, Saturday newsletter, and my #writenomatterwhat campaign on YouTube, are aimed at inspiring you to reach your goals.

I want to make sure you become the writer you know you can be!

For those of you ready to commit, and invest in your purpose, you will find that one of my ‘WRITE, no Matter what Packages’ fits.

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