Have you ever had to fake an orgasm in front of two strangers?

My path to becoming a Life Coach and Writer has been a creative one! It began when I went to an audition for the Ann Summers, Rampant Rabbit Vibrator.

Afterwards, I decided to buy a laptop, move to Mexico and become a writer. 

I know what it is to work hard, pursue that writing life and have a publishing dream!

my Powerful Life Coaching is all about

‘rampant’ passion and crazy hard work,

to achieve your Life &Writing goals

and Make an Impact!

Back in my twenties I turned up for a casting. All I knew what that it was for a commercial…

That’s when the receptionist showed me an image of a pink vibrator!

I tried to give a cool shrug and stand in the way a woman who kept a dildo would stand.

I was regretting my outfit of stripy jumper and boyfriend jeans, which looked more Beatrix Potter than Rampant Rabbit!


That’s how I know about doubt and fear and how embarrassing it can be when things go wrong…But I also know how impossible it is to give up on a dream.


At the audition, I was shown to a box room, with barely enough space for the casting director and cameraman. The instructions were to sit on the sofa and fake an orgasm that would convey an element of surprise. They wanted women to know the Rampant Rabbit had unexpected results.

The audition had unexpected results too! 

Afterwards, I knew that if I didn’t find a way to express myself and be happy, I would never be, well, happy.

But, how was I going to express myself? 

The more we understand what it is we are trying to do with our writing and life, the more chance we give ourselves of connecting to the necessary courage to achieve it. 

I have an MA in Creative Writing, with Distinction and I’m an accredited Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. 

I’ve been awarded the Royal Society of Literature V S Pritchett Prize and am published by Virago alongside writers I  worship: Daphne du Maurier, Sarah Waters.

I’ve hosted hundreds of literary events, taught on over a dozen Creative Writing Masters Programs, managed a retreat for writers and my #WriteNoMatterWhat principles include EVERYTHING that has enabled me to achieve my writing dreams.

Find the words to tell you story, get your work out there and make the money you want, no matter what!

With clear writing goals, positivity and new habits of excellence, you won’t just finish that novel, you’ll get to wave it at everyone who never thought you would. This is what it means to have a writing mindset. 

The only thing more crazy than imagining your book winning awards, and your life transforming, is believing this isn’t possible…

Whatever your ambitions, Life Coaching will get you there.

You only have to decide on the next step.

“When I first discussed the idea of a block of coaching sessions with Gabriela, there was a pretty big voice in my head saying ‘can you really justify spending several hundred quid on this?’ But I can honestly say that this has been a tremendously valuable experience, which I don’t think I could have achieved in any other way. I’m so glad I listened to the other wee voice inside my head saying, ‘you can do this’. The process of discovering and challenging my engrained thinking patterns, which sideline my ambition and work as a writer, has been a building experience. Like being rebuilt from the inside, making my defences stronger, supporting my ambition and hopes for myself and for what I can achieve. Thanks Gabriela.”

Iain, Psychiatrist and Playwright