Write, no matter what’

1:1 Package

‘Gabriela is a very intuitive and intelligent life coach, she was able to respond to whatever issues I brought to the session with sensitivity and insight. I was often surprised by what I learned about myself and feel that the sessions have been very useful in helping me to focus on achieving my goal.’

Carol, writer

1:1 Mindset Coaching gives you the perfect setting to explore any unique blocks you’re experiencing in your writing so that you can find your own way forward.
It might be that you have destructive habits or thoughts patterns, which will be shifted when working in an exclusive collaboration.
It suits the more private writer and those of you who prefer space and time to reflect.

One to One Coaching

Each hour-long session enables me to work alongside writers and care in their future. I will help you deal with the question of what you want, on a regular enough basis, so that your source is invited to rise up and become louder than fear, confusion and doubt.

I love the moments my clients look around and notice how much has changed, because this is when they realise that, by using their mind in a conscious way, they can create any writing dream they want.

You have something powerful to share! Take the opportunity of a Free Discovery Call to find out how Coaching can help you become the writer you aspire to be. The link at the bottom of the page will take you through to a calendar where you can book a slot effortlessly and receive a guidance email of what to expect next.

You have a desire to write for a reason. It’s time to become the writer you’re meant to be!

Last year I ran a lovely workshop with the talented writer and translator Miranda France who has this to say of my work:
‘I can’t think of anyone kinder, more intelligent or perceptive than Gabriela
to guide someone through the art of writing – and living’ 

How Can coaching Help?

It might be that you aren’t writing as much as you want, or you’re finding it challenging to get back into your Work-in-Progress after an unplanned hiatus. Coaching can help you develop a writing mindset and schedule that fits your lifestyle. 

Perhaps your inner critic is getting in the way. You feel your ideas aren’t original enough, that you’ll never write a book people will want to read, yet you can’t give up on your dream of being a novelist. There’s a reason you want to write and coaching will enable you to find your true voice so that the strength of inner belief shines brighter than any doubt or self-criticism.

Coaching won’t teach you about the craft of writing – there are numerous, exemplary courses and programs that will help you with this. What it will do is teach you the ‘mind’ of writing, together with the resilience to walk the path of your dreams – whether that’s finishing a first draft, finding an agent, starting on your second book or developing a writing routine. I’ve coached writers at every stage of their career – all coaching asks is that you want to succeed.

Whether you’re struggling with impatience, anxiety or a lack of inspiration, coaching can help you create a new map to navigate this terrain. Use the hour-long, free, Discovery Call to find out how Coaching can help you achieve your writing goals. The link to book is at the bottom of the page. Make 2019 the year for your writing!  


I’ve been working with writers for over ten years. The reason I trained as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner is because I began to realise that it doesn’t matter how many classes we take on plotting novels and creating believable characters if we can’t get our bums on the chair and actually write!

I wanted to work in a way with writers that addressed the number one issue that holds us back in our writing: our BELIEFS.

I’ve interviewed over three hundred published authors over the years and one thing is clear: finding an agent, selling a book, and even winning awards, doesn’t address self doubt and procrastination. My work does.

When we learn to develop our writing mind, that’s when we achieve real success with our writing – the kind of success that fills the heart and radiates self-belief. 

We’re free to change our experiences of writing, by changing the way we think. This means that in order to achieve success with our writing, we have to change the way we currently think about our writing.

Unless we love every aspect of who we are as a writer, we’ll never give our writing practice the commitment it’s worthy of, and we’ll never become the writers we deserve to be.

 ‘I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Gabriela. I feel that many writers could benefit from not just the practical goal setting that Gabriela supports, but also the work around beliefs: something especially important in writing, which is a solitary task and takes huge amounts of self belief, and so requires a strong foundation and any shaky stones to be removed.’

 Ben, writer


I run my One to One Coaching for a minimum of 12, hour-long sessions, via Skype, phone, or face-to-face. 

You are free to have these sessions weekly, or even monthly – whatever works for you. You can even choose to add the self study package, or the group program, for additional support. 


 ‘Gabriela’s style is what I would call ‘lovingly challenging’.  She has a knack of cutting right through to the crux of an issue that I am stuck on with one or two ‘mind-blowing’ questions which help me really peel back the layers of what I have been telling myself and how I have been getting in my own way’

 Donna, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

This write, no matter what package is my gift to all you aspiring writers who know that you have something special within you and need that helping hand to unleash it. 

This could be the year you finally write, just the way you want!


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